3 Parts SLIME +1 Part BLAZE ORANGE +1 Part BLACK = 1 INSANE Coating

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 31, 2013 3:00:00 PM

Happy Halloween! - From Stronghold Floors.   The title of this blog may sound like something we are mixing up in a witch’s cauldron.   Sadly, it’s not.   But it does have a ghoulish lean towards Halloween.

The INSANE coating

Last week I was at our Baltimore office and found a sample bag of the craziest chip blend I’ve seen in almost 10 years.   While the colors are what first caught my eye, it was the blend formula’s description that really was the icing on the cake:

insane-floor-coatingFormula:                       60%        SLIME

                                    20%        BLAZE ORANGE

                                    20%        BLACK

This unique blend of acrylic flakes (that are bonded between layers of our polymer flooring) made me think of the Halloween seasonal stores that pop-up all around Pennsylvania and Maryland.   This decorative chip blend would be perfect for any such themed location.   The SLIME green specifically made me think of the GoDaddy.com sponsored Danica Patrick’s uniform and Chevy NASCAR ride.    

insane-floor-coating-2When Dave, Maryland sales manager & co-owner, arrived at the office, I asked “WHO is looking to install THIS blend in their garage?   Are you making a sample of this?”   Dave chuckled and replied “It’s not for a garage and it’s already sold“. Turns out, we will be installing this blend as part of the service bays at Insane Car Audio in Annapolis, Maryland later this month.   As I was not familiar with this company, I did not immediately get why it was completely appropriate.   Once Dave pulled up their website it became strikingly apparent. Insane Car Audio has a truly unique logo and motif for their locations interior spaces.  

To see more about this premier car audio business, check out there Facebook page or view the Insane Car Audio website. Once our coatings are complete, we will post pictures of this location in our Project Portfolios.

Does your Organization need an Insane (or not so insane) custom blend?

Do you need a unique color blend for your business or organization?   While our chip manufacturer already has hundreds of preconfigured chip blends in ¼”, 1/8” and 1/16” sizes, our staff can assist with creating custom blends using the 160+ solid color and brindled chips.   There are even flakes/chips that glow in the dark or are black-light reactive.

some-chip-colorsOther companies and organizations that have custom chip blends in their Stronghold Floors coatings include:

  • Classic Drycleaners in Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg and Enola, PA
  • Sweet Frog in Carlisle, PA
  • Duffy’s Bed & Biscuit in Hummelstown, PA
  • J&S Landscaping near Danville, PA
  • Rossmoyne Animal Emergency & Trauma Center in Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Property Management Incorporated in Harrisburg, PA

If you wish to learn more about creating an epoxy floor that incorporates your organizations colors, contact us at (888) 577-0452 or click here.

Mike Mincemoyer is the one of the founders of Stronghold Floors. Prior to 2011, Mike and the rest of the ownership team operated PremierGarage of Maryland and PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania.   For Halloween, he will be watching episodes of The Walking Dead.

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