5 Challenges at Maryland’s Stay Pet Resort (Part 2)

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 3, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Stay Pet Resort SignIn Part 1, we discussed 3 of the 5 challenges we faced on this coatings project near BWI airport.  They were:

  1.      Determine the proper coating systems
  2.      Ensure coatings sealed the transitions from floor to walls
  3.      Make the walls scrub-able

Now we get the rest of the story about the ultra-modern, pet resort and salon.

Challenge #4 – Create custom bathing stations for all size dogs.

Jodi didn’t want to have the groomers lifting dogs into and out of the normal steel bath tubs.   She envisioned dogs being able to walk up and down stairs to tubs which were ergonomic for the staff and comfortable for the canines. 

She had lot of images on her iPad that gave her construction team the rough idea.

Solution #4 - Help design and coat the Salon’s custom, walk up tubs.

Walk up dog bath tubsJason worked with everyone to put the final touches to the rough design.   He worked with Jodi’s construction team to figure out the right pitch and customized trim, which allowed us to apply decorative quartz coatings.   These coatings created a profile rough enough for the dogs, but still smooth enough for the groomers to clean up the tubs.   

Jason’s team also applied coatings to the steps (both treads and risers).  

Challenge #5 – Apply Metallic Epoxy to VERY cold Concrete

The reception area was the only floor which didn’t get our decorative chip coating.  Jodi wanted a little more “wow” factor when clients first came in the door.  With that in mind, she chose our Metallic Epoxy coatings.

By the time this area was to be coated, it was in the dead of winter and, of course, this was the only area that did not have heat.   We attempted to raise the temperature of the concrete floor by using multiple heaters.  When we were just barely within the safe temperature range for the epoxy, we applied the first to layers.  The first was pure black and the second was the metallic pigmented layer.  

Stay Pet Resort LobbyBecause the floor was so cold (this room had 2 exterior walls and was really conducting the extreme colds), we could not get the swirling in the metallic epoxy to stay. By the time the epoxy would flash, the pigmented had settled back to a more homogenous look.  I was extremely unhappy with the finished look and asked Jodi to allow us to re-apply the coatings.  She was more than accommodating.

Solution #5 – Stop pushing the limits

During the entire project, we had to really push the time and temperature limits of the chemicals to keep the pace the overall project moving along.  Luckily, everything else in the reception area was able to be completed (except for furniture) and we just had to wait until heat was installed along with allowing the outside temperatures to rise.

Stay Pet Resort MarylandTo Learn More about Stay Pet Resort

Our Project Portfolio:  Epoxy Coatings in Maryland Pet Resort

Our Facebook Photo Gallery:   Stay Pet Resort album

Customers Website:   www.StayPetResort.com

Customers Facebook Page:   www.facebook.com/staypetresort


More Animal Projects on the Way!

Stay Tuned.  We will soon be applying 2,000 square feet of decorative chip, epoxy coatings at Noah’s Pet Hotel and Spa in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  

We are also about to coat some new and renovated spaces at the Adams County SPCA.   This project is being completed as sub-contractors to Conewago Enterprises.

Here are some animal facility projects we completed over the years:

1)     Nittany Greyhounds in State College – office and kennel coatings (kennel completed when we were PremierGarage of Central PA)

2)     Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Hospital in Mechanicsburg – entire facility except for offices

3)     Duffy’s Bed & Biscuit in Hummelstown – entire facility

4)     Best Little Cat House in PA in Harrisburg – two main feline rooms (completed when we were PremierGarage of Central PA)

5)     Bark of the Town in Mifflintown – outdoor runs

6)     Laural Hill Kennels in Hanover – kennel areas

7)     Stonehill Kennels in Enola – kennel areas

Learn more about these projects on our About Our Commercial Customers page.

Bea Bea GreyhoundBea Bea (formerly Beyond Drive) is an ex-racing greyhound, who rules the Mincemoyer home.  She takes retirement very seriously.  She is often found in her oversized bean bag that takes up too much space in Mike’s office.

Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors and one member of the ownership team.   Mike has been actively involved since the beginning in 2004.    His formal floor coatings background includes training from PremierGarage, Crown Polymers, HTC America, SIKA, AmeriPolish, SASE, Metzger McGuire, L&M Chemical Company and FGS/Permashine. 



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