5 Disastrous Garage Floor Solutions! (Part 1)

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on May 8, 2014 10:00:00 AM

5 disastrous garage floor solutionsEvery year, I see advertisements for garage floor finishes that make no sense to me.    The most recent advertisement was a small company in central Pennsylvania offering stamped concrete and stating it was a good solution for a garage.    What?!?!

Last year was a big push on overlays, such as Nature Stone, for use in a daily garage, backed by enticing coupons to ensnare homeowners to be the guinea pigs.  Ugh!

The year before that, we saw a big push for the garage floor coverings (garage floor mats and plastic tiles). Bad?  Yes, but at least more understandable. 

These trends, advertisements & coupons have led to this list:

5 Disastrous Garage Floor Solutions!

Let’s dive in and discuss the downfalls associated with each of these proposed garage floor solutions. And we will compare it to a professionally installed, commercial grade garage floor coating.

Stamped Concrete + Garage Floor = A Maintenance Nightmare

Typical Time to Issue:  Less than 1 Year

Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned and textured to resemble a variety of surfaces (most commonly stone, flagstone or brick).   It looks great as a sidewalk, patio or around a pool.    But stamped concrete for a garage floor finish?   How are you going to easily keep it clean?   How are you going to protect it from oil, gasoline and road salt? How will a textured surface hold up to the constant abuse in the tire path?

The texturing will make upkeep of the garage floor an arduous task.   Simple vacuuming and mopping will not suffice.   You cannot just go to a pressure sprayer, as this type of cleaning has a huge probability of damaging the floor finish.

The sealers used to protect the stamped concrete surface are not designed for the punishment a garage floor takes in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.   Once these sealers are compromised, the underlying stamped concrete will be irreversibly stained.  

To date, we have not seen stamped concrete used in a daily use garage in our mid-Atlantic service area.   As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, we just saw an advertisement for using stamped concrete in a garage for the first time.

garage facelifts performed weeklyQ:  Are properly installed, professional garage floor coatings by Stronghold Floors subject to the same problems as stamped concrete?  

A:  No.  Coatings do not have such deep surface texturing and are extremely resistant to wear, chemical exposure and regular cleaning.

Overlays & Residential Garage --> Partners Who Separate

Typical Time to Issue:  1 to 3 Years

Homeowners often turn to overlays, such as Nature Stone (a combination of epoxy and stones which creates a porous and breathable covering) or stamp-able concrete overlays, to refinish a worn or degrading garage floor.   With the porous, breathable solutions, water passes thru the surface and leaves not puddling.   That may seem attractive to a homeowner tired of puddles in the garage.   But along with the water, all the road crud, small stones and debris also gets into those pores.    Have fun cleaning these surfaces after a few seasons.

The solid, cementitous overlays often suffer all the issues of stamped concrete, with the added likelihood the overlay will dis-bond at some point in the future.    We have removed several of these coatings in garages and even more on porches & patios.  Each time, the homeowner begins to notice a hallow sound.   It’s the beginning of the end for the overlay.  

Q:  Are properly installed, professional garage floor coatings by Stronghold Floors subject to the same problems as concrete overlays?  

A:  No.  Based upon preparation by mechanical diamond grinding or shot-blasting, the bonding layer of the coatings achieved a bond strength that exceeds the strength of concrete’s structure.

Next Week – Part 2

In our next blog, we will continue with the remaining 3 Disastrous Garage Floor Solutions.  

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