Adding Some Finishing Touches after the Epoxy Garage Floor

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Dec 15, 2015 2:30:00 AM

Epoxy coatings by Stronghold Floors added functionality and style to this garage.You’re enjoying your Stronghold Floors garage floor coating.  It’s as if a magical transformation took place; changing a once ugly, abused area into a eye-catching, multi-use, finished space. 

Now, you want to give the garage a few finishing touches. I'm not talking about big items like wall mounted cabinets or 

I’m going to suggest several finishing touches, I believe, make a huge difference.  And, I’ve added one that I recently found.

Some Finishing Touches to Consider

Since winter is beginning, I’m added several that I believe take some of the work out of Spring cleaning and help your garage floor coatings to keep looking great:

  • Snow Blower Landing Pads:  I’ve got to get one of these, now that I’m using a snow blower instead of my tractor to plow snow.   These mats feature a full rubber back, so you don’t have water and rust bleeding through as you would when using carpet remnants.  Plenty of sizes and colors available.  Great way to Winterize Your Garage.
  • Lawn Mower Landing Pads: Back when I was plowing snow with my Cub Cadet garden tractor, I used to have rust stains on my garage coatings from the tire chains and the snow blade.  Even when I used cardboard, it occasionally bled through.   You can choose the size that is right for your situation.
  • Garage Door Threshold Seals: We’ve seen a LOT of customers use these and they can really make a big difference if you get leaves, dirt and water coming under your garage door.  Plus, if you epoxy coatings end underneath your garage door, these made a clean looking transition.  Available in various colors and lengths.
  • Garage Floor Runners: Instead of using that frayed carpet remnant, you can get floor runners made for winter mess. These runners can actually absorb water and the backing prevents stains.  

NOTE: If you applied a big box store, epoxy paint kit – DON’T use the pads listed above, as it will most likely peel the paint off the floor.  It’s not a problem if you have our coatings and they have cured for 72 hours or more.

A few others that just make the garage more useful and safe:

  • Garage Wall Bumpers/Guards: If you have a small or narrow garage, you want to protect your car doors from damage (along with the walls they slam into).  I like the look of these clear, polyethylene bumpers because they are not bright, safety yellow commonly seen in other catalogs.
  • Anti-Fatigue Utility Mats and Tiles: There are plenty of options here. Just use something if you plan to stand for long periods out in the garage.  Our coatings don’t soften the feel of the concrete under  your feet.
  • Portable Shop Heater: I’ve discussed more permanent heating solutions in Garage Makeovers: 3 Ways to Heat Your GarageThis 13,700 BTU heater would be a quick inexpensive way to heat a smaller garage.  It does require a 240 volt outlet.

Newly Discovered Finishing Touch

garage-door-magnetics.jpgDo you have plain, boring garage doors?  Never fear.  Now there are Decorative Magnetic Garage Door Accents kits.

These kits transform you garage doors to look like carriage house doors.   Each kit contains 2 magnetic “handles” and 4 “hinges”.   I’m going to check these out myself.


All of the items discussed above are available in IMPROVEMENTS® Catalog, an Ohio based company that carries some unique products for all areas of the home.  The picture of the magnetic accents (left) is from their website catalog.


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