Baltimore Raves over Epoxy Flake Garage Floors

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 25, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Custom epoxy colorsWhile I am not a big football fan, I am always amazed at the lengths fans will go to show support for their favorite sports teams.  In the Baltimore area, we know some Ravens fans that show their support the minute you drive into their garage.  How?

  • They painted Raven eyes on the angled ceiling.
  • They had us install our decorative chip, garage floor coatings using special color matched chip blends.
  • They decorate the walls with team oriented items and memorabilia.

Several Maryland homeowners have worked with Dave to select the blend that worked best to support their Baltimore Ravens. They have varied the degree and intensity of the purple flakes used and also the amount of black contained in the final mix. It’s not a “one size fits all” situation. 

Baltimore is Not Just Purple & Black

Epoxy chip blends greenSports teams epoxy garage floor coatingsBaltimore is not the only football team that elicits such football fanaticism.   Baltimore residents also support other teams in their garage via epoxy coatings.   Since 2004, we have installed epoxy coatings with chip blends specific to:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington DC 
  • New England

Occasionally, we will encounter someone who first took a shot using a DIY epoxy paint kit.   Not only does the kit end up failing under hot tires, but the kit’s limited colors and 1 pound bag of chips fail to achieve the desired look.

Working with our chip suppliers, our garage experts have the ability to match nearly any sport’s team colors, regardless of whether they are professional, college or local teams.  In Pennsylvania, our staff has worked with dozens of homeowners in and around State College to show their support for Penn State’s football program.  

Other Sport Oriented Garage Floor Coatings in Baltimore

Sports epoxy floor coatingsIt’s not just football fans, those Baltimore baseball fans also get into the spirit. Orioles’ fans can create their own Birds Nest in their garage or basement using an orange, black and white blend of flakes.

These sport oriented garages, while still having vehicles in them, are generally not filled with gardening items, lawnmowers or clutter.   The walls have fan memorabilia, posters and other decorations that complete the sports motif.

Why Coat the Floor with a Team Color?

While it may seem strange to apply your team’s colors to the garage floor, keep the following in mind:

1)     It keeps the walls light in color and doesn’t contribute to a “cave” look.

2)     It allows memorabilia to stand out and work with the floor colors.

3)     The coatings can take immense wear and tear, so the floor doesn’t become an eyesore in this special room.

4)     Fan parties can spill into or be held in the garage with a floor that not only looks good, but cleans up easily.

Often, we do suggest the garage floor coatings terminate at the garage doors, as the team colors may not lend themselves to the home’s outside color scheme. 

Want to See More Decorative Chip Blends?

While we feature many decorative chip blends on our website, there are too many blends and options to show them all. One of our suppliers has a site which allows you to see hundreds of premade blends.   Check out and, if you want sport oriented colors, pay special attention to the B-200 and B-300 series.

Any blend can be utilized in one of our garage, basement, commercial or industrial coating systems.  We assist you with picking the right coating system for your specific use case – but you still have to pick the color.

We featured the garage shown at the beginning of the article in a Facebook post back in 2013.  It has been one of our most viewed posts of all times.

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