Beyond Garage Organization: My Ultimate Home Office Makeover

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Feb 2, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Help! My Office Needs a Makeover

For once, I’m not talking about garage floor coatings or garage organization.   Today, I wanted to share my story about my new home office.Mechanicsburg-Home-Office-Makeover-California-Closets

When I stopped being our primary salesperson in Pennsylvania and began concentrating on our business development, I moved back to using a home office.  Since my wife had already commandeered my old (fully furnished & finished) office in our home, I moved upstairs into an extra bedroom.   Since changing from PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania to Stronghold Floors, I had made due with an old computer desk and bookshelf.   Nothing glamorous and certainly not optimal for the work I do or for the computer setup which I utilize.  I needed a better office.

{I forgot to get a BEFORE picture. The  picture above right is my new office.}

California Closets of Central PA to the Rescue

Even when we were a PremierGarage dealership, we worked with California Closets of Central PA on several projects. When we became Stronghold Floors, we developed a tight working relationship with the Central PA franchise (Owner Jeff has showrooms in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and Lancaster) and with the Philadelphia franchise (Owner Mike has a showroom in King of Prussia).

Several years ago, we utilized their services to reorganize our walk-in closets.  Jeff worked with us to create designs which made the most of each closet. Kim and I both loved the end results.  So, we turned to Jeff again to help with my home office.

I had a few goals in mind:

  •          Create an organized, uncluttered work area.  I cannot stand having to see a lot of paperwork, files, etc.
  •          Integrate display area for my Rum collection. I have collected rums from around the world and wanted to really highlight them.
  •          Use creative colors for the walls and wood. No more white walls and certainly no more light wood finishes.
  •          Integrate some of the Greyhound art that I’ve picked up over the years.  Several pieces are quite colorful.

Mechanicsburg-Office-Greyhound-Art1-400x195  Mechanicsburg-Office-Greyhound-Art3-400x571  


With these goals, Kim and I met up with Jeff at his Lancaster showroom.  We had our Sherwin-Williams color deck with us and used it to pick out the wood color, countertop color, base trim and handles.   Jeff and I had already met at the house and got the measurements and 

Jeff had great ideas on how to integrate LED lighting and glass shelves to show off the rum bottles. He helped us to design matching storage unit where my old bookshelf was, which we hoped would tie the whole room together.rough layout together. Next the three of us worked out the details on a design. 

Mechanicsburg-Home-Office-Makeover-California-Closets-1Within an hour, we had everything scheduled for installation.  Over a period of 3 weeks, we got everything ready:

1)      We removed all items from my office and I worked temporarily in the basement.

2)      Kim painted the walls and trim.  We chose to use a darker color on the one wall to accent the entire setup.

3)      We added several electrical outlets and setup the closet with power and network connections so that my printer could be hidden away.

4)      Kim had new blinds made and installed that really help out on those sunny days.

5)      I ordered longer cords to allow the computer to be hidden inside the cabinets and ensure all wiring was tucked out of site.

The Office I’ve Always Wanted

Jeff’s team did a great job on the installation.  The installer, Todd, had everything complete in just two days – including all base trim, countertops, back splash and lighting.  When he left, it was ready for move-in.

It all came together nicely.   Now it’s hard to get me out of the office.  I huge thanks to my wife and California Closets for helping to create the best office I’ve ever had.After-Install-1


Mechanicsburg-Rum-Collection-400x350  Mike Mincemoyer is the President and Business Development/Marketing Manager of Stronghold Floors.   His rum collection is made up of all aged golden and dark rums (no clear spirits on those shelves).   His favorites come from the Appleton Estates and Flor de Caña distilleries.

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