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Metallic epoxy concrete floor coatingMetallic Epoxy floor coatings are a top flooring choice for today’s home or office. One of the hottest trends in home and commercial flooring doesn’t come from lumber or stone and is much more durable, long lasting and easier to maintain than most other flooring options on the market today. 

What is it? A metallic-infused epoxy concrete coating. These epoxy floor coatings are made up of mica or synthetic mica particles coated with various pigments to create pearlescent and iridescent effects. This results in an epoxy floor coating of dramatic color that reflects light and provides a brilliant shine to the entire room. 

Metallic Epoxy floor coatings provide depth to your floors that you simply can’t get with other comparable flooring options – like ceramic tile or stone. With dozens of color and finish options available, your floor can be customized to achieve the particular look you have in mind – from the appearance of natural stone to replicating the logo swirl of your favorite team.

For the last decade, metallic epoxy floor coatings have been widely used in commercial buildings. These dazzling and eye-catching floors can often be found in nightclubs, restaurants and auto dealerships. However, small businesses, such as retail stores, doctors’ offices and hair salons, are also choosing metallic coatings for their concrete floors because of their lasting brilliance and easy clean-up and maintenance. Plus, they are striking to look at.

While many homeowners know that epoxy coatings are often used as a durable and chemical-resistant floor coating in garages, there are many other places where metallic epoxy floor coatings can be used.

Metallic epoxy basementBasements – Many basements have limited natural light, and as a result, they often feel dank and dark – even when finished and the brightest lights are installed. Metallic coatings contain mica particles that reflect light, providing your family with a brighter, more welcoming room. 

Offices – Metallic flooring comes in dozens of inspiring color combinations, so you can really trick-out your work space with colors that get you revved up for a great workday!

Wine Cellar – Metallic coatings can mimic natural stone to give your wine cellar that old-world charm that complements the wooden wine racks and other furnishings inside your wine cellar.

Showrooms – Give your showroom floor a one-of-a-kind stylish design with a metallic floor coating. Epoxy floor coatings are much easier to maintain and clean than tile or VCT floors because you don’t have to worry about tiles breaking or the grout staining. Epoxy floors in the showroom are a smart idea because the floor is one smooth, durable, stain-resistant surface. Simply sweep and mop.

Mud Rooms – No matter what the season, one of the dirtiest floors is the mud room – where dirt, grass, mud and pollen get tracked from the outside every day. A metallic floor coating in the mud room can give your floor depth, to better hide sneaker marks and paw prints until you are ready to clean it up with a simple wipe-down with the mop.


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