The “Color of the Year 2013” Goes to…

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Apr 30, 2013 8:00:00 AM

AloeAloe!  Yup, Aloe.   Sherwin-Williams awarded Aloe the color of the Year for 2013 (FYI, Argyle was the Color of the Year in 2012).  

Well, maybe for your interior walls that will work.   As the color for a garage floor coating?   OK, probably not.

I realize that these colors are great especially since pastels are back in fashion.    If I had a waterfront home in Annapolis or beach home in Ocean City, Maryland, I would be all for it and making a trip to Sherwin-Williams right now to ensure I’m stylish.   

Since I’m not recommending a pastel epoxy floor coating, what do I recommend?   After 9 years of working with homeowners to select a garage floor coating, I’ve got a few suggestions:

The Airplane Hangar Look

AirplaneFirst, don’t be fooled by the pictures showing the perfect, airplane hangar looking solid color floor.   That one-color surface will never be that clean and shiny again.    Right after that picture, something rolled over that floor and dust trail from the tires ended that picture of perfection.    I’m not saying a solid color epoxy coating doesn’t have its place, but if you want your floor to look clean (even when it’s not), go with a decorative chip (flake) floor coating.

Because a decorative chip blend breaks up the floor, it will help hide dirt, debris, scuffs, scratches and spills.   With the high traffic of a residential garage, it’s a far better solution.   Let’s face it, we all use our garage as the main entrance to the home.

The Dirt Hiders

dirt hiderSecond, pick a coating that can help hide the dirt and debris common to your garage’s location.  For normal, daily use garages, a decorative chip blend that incorporates a very light and very dark colors will be more effective than an all neutral blend.   Here are some suggestions:

1)     White chips help with the winter road salt and dust.

2)     Black chips hide the small stones, dead bugs and road grime year round.     

3)     Dark brown chips hide the dirt and dead leaves in the fall.

4)     Light yellow (think canary) chips help hide heavy pollens in the spring.

The NASCAR Garage

Third, an earthy, tan based blend is more warm and inviting than a gray based blend.    The gray based blends will create a harder, more NASCAR garage like environment.    If staging a home for sale now or planning to sell in the next few years, our real estate agent friends have ALWAYS recommended staying as tan based as possible.

 Now, if you are a car enthusiast or want a man-cave, there are still lots of great choices.     Our most common grey based blend, Adams, can easily be tweaked with a strong red, blue, purple or maroon to create striking floors that complement the featured car collections.  Our Lehigh blend, while gray based, is still a warmer looking blend and hides dirt well.

At the End of the Day

art of the end of the dayIt’s your choice.   There is nothing wrong with a neutral blend, like Montour.    We just completed a 1,400 square foot detached garage in Montour and the Lancaster area homeowner’s comments:  “Thank you, the floor is stunning!”    Our crews’ comments were also very complimentary of the color selection.   Since it will house the antique car collection, it provides a great backdrop to highlight those special pieces of automotive history.  

What was our Stronghold Floors Color of the Year for 2013?    Check out our colors and post your guess here.

Are you already a Stronghold Floors customer?   Let us know why you chose your floor coating color.


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