Concrete Contemplations – 9 Years of Serving our Communities

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jul 1, 2013 5:35:00 PM

In the July 1st edition of TIME magazine, there is a great article called “Can Service Save Us”.   While it is expounding the ideas of community, public and military service, I think it touches on something relevant to For Profit businesses.   Serving our communities and helping others (in this case our customers) is really the hallmark of any successful business.   

As I read that magazine article yesterday, it got me thinking about how we, Stronghold Floors, serve our communites.    Every year we interact with a broad list of communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania:

  • Homeowners
  • Home builders
  • Businesses
  • Volunteer/Non-profit organizations

Today marks our official 9 years as a Pennsylvania based company installing epoxy coatings for concrete floors.   We began as a 3-person franchise of PremierGarage in 2004 serving only south central Pennsylvania.   Now, we are team of 13 with two locations serving over 25 counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

It has been our pleasure to serve our communities and we would like to say a few words to each of these areas.


With over 3500 residential customers, we could not begin to name them all.  But, we would like to thank everyone for trusting us to help improve your garages, basements, pool houses, patios and pole barns.  

A special thanks for nearly 1000 referrals.


When we were new, it was not easy to convince builders to take a chance on us.  As such, we have to thank EGStoltzfus, Roland Builder and Stephen Black Builders for bringing us into their Parade of Homes entries in 2005.  They took a chance on us and many builders followed.   We appreciate their continued trust and business.    We look forward to many more Parades of Homes and Home-A-Rama projects.


Concrete floor coatingThis is definitely the area which has kept things interesting.   We have had the opportunity to apply coatings to kennels, milking rooms, cheese production floors, airplane hangars, vet clinics, race car garages and machine shops.   It’s fantastic to join these customers at their Grand Openings and other special celebrations.    

In the coming months, we will be adding some of their stories on our website and blogs.    If you are a customer and would like to be featured, give me a call.

A special thanks to High Associates, Ltd.  We never know what you will ask us to coat next.

Volunteer/Non-profit organizations

Grand opening cake

We are very proud of the projects which help out fire departments and animal rescues.   Regardless of whether it was the apparatus bays, social halls or kennel floors, we are thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of “how you do what you do”.   Special thanks to Toni Duchi & Nittany Greyhounds and Fire Chief Joseph Felus & the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department.

Serving into the future

It’s been a great journey so far.   We look forward to many more years of serving all of our communities.    


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