Project Profile: New Technology & Training Center for Precision Machine Tool Solutions

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jul 11, 2013 11:00:00 AM

When Precision Machine Tool Solutions contacted us in August 2012, we did not appreciate the full scope of what they were going to create in their new facility.     At the time, it just seemed like another retrofit of an existing building.   But owner, Randy Heck, had much more in mind.     He was creating a state of the art facility to demonstrate and train around their various lines of CNC machining equipment.

ProjectAtAGlanceBased in Sinking Springs, near Reading, this Pennsylvania based company was expanding an existing building and relocating their offices.     They had found Stronghold Floors via a reference from a Lancaster based shared customer, Medical Devices LLC.   That coatings project had entailed installation of nearly 10,000 square feet of multiple layers of epoxy to create a durable, clean and easy to maintain floor in their production floor.   While this floor was just 4,000 square feet, Precision Machine Tool Solutions needed more.

Coatings Requirements

We needed to provide a floor to meet the following requirements:

  1. Easy to clean and maintain
  2. Provide very high scratch resistance
  3. Durable enough to withstand forklift traffic and CNC machining equipment that could present over 5,000 pounds per square inch of compressive force onto the coatings.
  4. Provide good color stability under the florescent lighting
  5. Showcase their equipment

Existing Concrete Surface Conditions

Given these requirements, we had to overcome some issues present in the existing bare concrete floor.   This floor presented the following challenges:

  1. Floor was cut, jointed or cracked into approximately 10 different slabs.
  2. Floor had metal posts and cut off bolts projecting out of the concrete slab.
  3. Slab had surface spalling and minor damage from years of use as a truck maintenance facility.
  4. Concrete floor was not sealed and had some minor contamination from engine oil and other petroleum based products.
  5. Floor joints were not level in several locations.
  6. Moving heavy loads into the main floor area was going to cause vibration between the slabs.

Warehousegaragefloor resized 600Coatings Solution

We presented PMTS with a proposal that could meet all of the requirements and alleviate (or minimize) the problems with the existing concrete floor.    The customized coating solution involves a 4 layer polymer floor coating where the total thickness was approximately 3/32”.   Reinforced with sand in two of the layers, this epoxy coating system presented an extremely durable system that could withstand heavy load.   PMTS quickly accepted and we got to work.

The primary work was completed in a short period of time, just 4 days.   That allowed the construction process to quickly resume and get them ready for their opening.    For a detailed explanation of the work we completed, click here to see the full project profile on our website.

Precision Grand OpeningThe Grand Opening

In May 1st 2013, Randy and his staff celebrated the culmination of their efforts with the Grand Opening of their new Technology and Training Center.   We received an invitation and gladly accepted. 

When I arrived at the Grand Opening event, I had no idea the scope of this event.    Several hundred people attended and PMTS put on a fantastic event.   All were treated to great food and drink and allowed to freely browse the new facility.   Many product vendors were there to assist with demonstrating the full potential of the extensive product lines in the facility’s main floor. 

It was great to see the once empty main floor now filled with so many people, heavy machines and demonstration tables.    Be sure to check out the full Project Profile page to see all the photos.

grandopening resized 600While there, we were informed that several PMTS customers wanted to chat with us to see how we might assist them too.    I also found out that a PMTS customer in Milton, PA is a company owned by persons with whom I attended high school.   All around it was a great day and a great event.

While I cannot begin to understand what all of their equipment is used for, I have to believe that if your company uses CNC equipment, Precision Machine Tool Solutions is the place to call.

Note:    Stronghold Floors works with each of our customers to ensure the coatings solution we propose matches your individual requirements.    We are not a one-size-fits-all company. 


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