Project Profile: The Frosty Llama serves up COLD treats on a HOT floor

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jul 16, 2013 4:00:00 PM

It’s really hot out there, so I thought I would talk about a very cool place.   Cool looking, cool inside and serving up frozen yogurt delights to cool your inside.     It’s The Frosty Llama in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.   In there, they can knock the edge of these sweltering hot days.

Frosty Llama Project Profile resized 600Owned and operated by Dan Miller, he transformed this once empty space in the Dillsburg shopping plaza into a California styled purveyor of treats for the entire family.   

Dan contacted us through a local general contractor in hopes we could stain the existing concrete and seal it or polish the concrete.  Upon our first site visit, it was immediately evident this floor could not be stained in the traditional manner, as the floor was nearly a dozen different pieces of concrete and was soon to be trenched further to allow proper plumbing.   Polishing and dye application would also not work for the same reasons.

We advised Dan that a better solution would to allow us to remove existing glues, fix all joints, spalls and other surface damage and then apply our metallic epoxy coatings.  These coatings simulate the look of acid stained concrete but with greater depth, color variation and protection of the concrete surface.    They also allow for easier maintenance than polished concrete in this type of establishment.

The Metallic Epoxy Application Process

FrostyLlamaBefore resized 600

Before Coatings - Concrete had a lot of damage

Once the rapid-set concrete was poured into the trenches created by the new plumbing, we waited 15 days (note: regular concrete requires about 30 days to set prior to applying coatings) to allow the concrete to cure to 85% of its full compressive strength. 

Then we commenced to filling all of the cracks, spalls and joints with the appropriate epoxy materials.   We then applied the following coatings to the 2000 square feet:

  1. Primer Coat:   A thin, water based, clear epoxy – this helped to close up the highly porous, concrete slabs
  2. Base Coat:   A thick application of black, fully pigmented, 100% solids epoxy – this created a consistent canvas to work upon
  3. Mid Coat:   A thick application of our “Dolphin” metallic epoxy which naturally creates subtle distortions in the final look (this look can be modified via different techniques to create  variety of final appearances)
  4. Top Coat:    A special “High Wear” urethane that features a tabular aluminum additive which allows the final surface to act like 300 grit sand paper – tough to scratch but still easy to clean with a scrubber or mop

Getting the Final Look

The final result was an artistic floor that looked somewhat of burnished metal.   The walls and other contents have much stronger, bright colors creating an inviting environment for all.  


After Coatings - One Wicked Floor

Dan finished out the Frosty Llama with plenty of furniture to provide seating for couples, families and larger groups.    And the self-serve, frozen yogurt flavors allow each visitor to create their own culinary masterpiece.   You finish up with applying all the finishing touches such as nuts, candies and fresh fruits.


If you are going to be in the Dillsburg area, check out The Frosty Llama’s FaceBook page to see their specials and then head on over to get your cool treat for the taste buds.

Want to learn more about this project?   Visit this Project Portfolio to see additional pictures and read more about this commercial coatings project.

More about our Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Our Metallic Epoxy coatings can be tailored for many different environments, such as:

  • metallicepoxy1Basements
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Sunrooms
  • Restrooms

metallicepoxy2Metallic epoxies are available in over 50 colors and allow for nearly limitless combinations.   The pigments may be combined or multiple colors may be applied (either at the same time or over one another).  

If you have a project where a one-of-a-kind floor is desired, call us.   And, be sure to check out our website’s project portfolios and our FaceBook page to see more projects.



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