Project Profile: Decorative Chip Epoxy Floor in a Harrisburg Residential Garage

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jul 27, 2013 9:00:00 AM

It’s not very often I get to revisit and see our garage floor coatings in private residences.   Even when many of our customers call to get an additional project done (basements, sunrooms, porches), I still don’t get to see it since I’m no longer part of the sales staff.  So, when John (real name not used to protect privacy) called asking how to clean off rust stains, I offered to come out and assist on site.

Harrisburg Garage Project Profile resized 600This oversized two-car garage floor was coated back in October, 2011 and features our Chester ¼” decorative chip floor coating.    John and his wife utilize the garage in a fashion similar to most of our residential customers.   On a daily basis, they park two vehicles on it and use the garage as the main entrance to their home.   They also keep a refrigerator, lawnmower and bikes in the garage. 

As with many homeowners, when someone is coming to visit, they clean up.  John was no exception and had already mopped up the floor, so the coatings were as shiny as the day the coatings installation was completed.  We quickly discussed how to remove the rust (see our prior blog on use/care of our coatings) and moved on to “How was the floor working for them”. 

Garage Coatings Pictures

John said they continued to be extremely pleased with the garage coatings project and offered to have pictures placed on our website. So we snapped what I refer to as “The Tire Shot”.   Seems everyone in the garage floor coatings industry always take that photo that shows off the front tire and fender area of a sports car while it sits upon the epoxy coatings.   I’m no exception.

With this 700 square foot garage being larger than the typical two-car garage (which usually is between 400 and 500 square feet), taking additional pictures was much easier than normal.   I also took a few pictures of areas around the vehicle and the doorway into the main home.   See this Project Profile for the additional pictures.

Garage Coatings Results

porsche garageI asked John what he enjoyed about the garage coatings since this was the first we had met face to face.   Like many homeowners who I have spoken with since 2004, he replied:

1)     Easy to clean and maintain

2)     Was far more durable than he expected

3)     Really brightened up the room

4)     Allowed them to use the room for entertaining (picnics)

5)     Showcased his sports car

No surprises found in those replies.     These fall squarely within the reasons we tell interested homeowners to coat their floor – check out our garage coatings page for more insights.   If you have not already coated your garage floor, then check out our free e-Book:  The Consumer’s Guide to Garage Coatings

Note:    Stronghold Floors works with each of our customers to ensure the coatings solution we propose matches your individual requirements.    We are not a one-size-fits-all company.

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