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Posted by Tess Wittler on Aug 3, 2013 3:30:00 PM

There are some lovely newer neighborhoods in our mid-Atlantic region, but most of their attached garages are bare bones. Depending on when the home was built (and the building code requirements at the time), some garages are only framed out with minimum insulation, while others have been dry-walled. 

Ultimate garage with tvThese residential garages have little personality and appeal – yet are often a massive space. They also lack functionality. They have one or two garage doors, an entrance into the homes (perhaps another one to the outside), a light switch, one or two electric outlets and maybe a drain in the concrete floor. That’s it. 

In our 9 years of business, we’ve seen garages of all shapes, styles and degrees of functionality. And during that time, we applied professional epoxy coatings to over 3,500 garages in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We’ve seen some creative garages – ones worthy of the term “personality.”

So how do you take your garage to the next level and make it fun and functional?

Creating a Functional Garage Space

  1. Start with protecting the floor. The first step to creating the ultimate garage – one worthy of displaying your car collection, turning into a weekend man cave or a place where your teenagers can safely hang out – begins by making it more functional. This starts by applying a decorative, protective epoxy coating to the garage floor.

Remember, what makes a professionally applied coating different from a DIY garage paint kit is durability. They will not chip, are scratch-resistant, and are also easy to clean up –which is why they are ideal for the garage floor. They also are also attractive, particularly when decorative chip coatings or metallic epoxy coatings are used to spruce-up the space.

  1. Add functionality with custom storage solutions. Once your garage floor is properly protected, the next step in creating functionality is by adding storage and organized space – to keep the clutter contained. We work with California Closets in Pennsylvania, SpaceEnvy in Maryland and Tailored Living in Virginia to develop custom organization systems, including custom cabinets and specialty wall mount systems.

Our customers love the custom cabinetry because they are far more superior to those you get at the big-box home improvement stores. They are heavy duty, wall-mounted hanging systems – customized our customers’ needs and intentions for the space. So you get exactly the type of storage you are looking for to maximize the space.

Additionally, the cabinets come in a variety of finishes – from stainless steel to wood grains – to give you the look you want.

ultimate garage with carsThe Ultimate Garage – Examples from Our Customers

Once you have made your garage safe and functional, it is up to you how you complete the space. Here are a few clever ideas from Stronghold Floors’ customers who have created The Ultimate Garage. 

  • Adding decorative touches. Many customers paint the walls (other than basic white or gray) and/or install wainscoting to match the garage floor coating and cabinetry.   Colors can easily be coordinated with the floor coatings.   Click here for more insights on color choices.
  • Making the garage a “bonus” room. Many of our customers have turned their garage space into a three-season room. They’ve installed a ceiling fan to circulate the air and/or added heating for the chilly fall evenings when they want to watch the football game.
  • Adding a projection television.  A few of our clever customer have installed a projection television into their garage. When the garage door is closed, a screen comes down to “broadcast” the game.
  • Building a mini-bar. When we discuss plans for adding cabinetry, some of our customers have turned their garage utility sink into a mini bar sink/area. A few of our customers have taken it one step further by installing a wine-chiller and/or a keg-orator.
  • Creating a smoker’s lounge. For some of our homeowners, the garage is the place for the guys to hang-out and smoke a fine-cigar while hosting poker night.
  • Showing off your collectables. We’ve tailored garages around a car collection for our car enthusiast customers.   With so many choices of coatings, it’s easy to ensure the garage floor shows off those special automobiles.
  • Tailgating headquarters.   For one State College customer, their garage was the tailgating headquarters before every home Penn State football game. They invited their friends over for pre-game snacks and beverages before they headed to Beaver Stadium together.

Whether you want to turn your garage into tailgate central or a bonus room, the possibilities for creating your ultimate garage are only limited by your imagination. When you begin with functionality in mind, our team at Stronghold Floors can help you transform your garage into exactly what you want it to be.

In future blogs, we will profile some of these special garages.   Stay tuned.

NOTE:   The author, Tess Wittler, is a freelance copywriter who regularly collaborates with the team at Stronghold Floors.  She and Stronghold Floors owner, Mike Mincemoyer have known each other for nearly a decade.   You can follow of Tess’ writings by visiting www.TessWittler.com


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