The Parade of Homes – More Relevant Than Ever

Posted by Tess Wittler on Aug 30, 2013 3:00:00 PM

The Pennsylvania Parade of Homes is coming to the Harrisburg area next month. While it is a nice event, in today’s “technology age” many people may be questioning the logic behind holding it. I mean, with so many of us doing our research online – especially when it comes to the home – how relevant is the Parade of Homes today?

Certainly, when the Parade of Homes started in our area 20+ years ago, there was a real need for it. It gave people the opportunity to tour the homes and gather ideas for what to include in their new home or in renovating their existing one. 

But in the age of Pinterest and Houzz – where there are thousands of ideas at your fingertips – is the Parade of Homes still relevant today? Is it necessary to still hold and participate in such an event?

paradeofhomesI think so – and I also believe that it is necessary more now than ever. Let me share my thoughts.

For starters, the Parade of Homes provides an opportunity for the public to see for themselves the variety of interesting products and the latest innovative techniques in building design that are showcased in these homes. From modern kitchen appliances to home theatres, the Parade of Homes gives consumers the chance to touch and see the many new fixtures, finishes and decorating ideas available to them.

Taking in an entire room – from seeing it, to hearing the click of your heels on the floor, to touching the cool controls of the rain shower, to smelling the freshly painted room – is an incomplete experience online. As wonderful as Pinterest is, there is nothing like walking into a home and taking in everything! Walking from room to room of a Parade home can be sensory overload! There is so much to see – and that you can’t get from a picture on your iPad.

From a business perspective, the Parade of Homes has always been a great event for Stronghold Floors. This event allows us to introduce garage floor epoxy coatings to hundreds of consumers. We participated in our first Parade of Homes in 2005 (back when we were PremierGarage of Central PA) where we applied our coating to an EGStoltzfus Homes’ Lancaster Parade house: since that time, we have participated in Parades all across the region, including Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and State College.

Still today, we are pleasantly surprised at the comments we overhear: “What is that? Is it stained concrete?” and “That is so interesting … is it paint? That can’t be paint … it sparkles!” Our coated garage floors become a real focal point of the homes we are in, and as a result, a conversation starter to introduce a new product to many homeowners. The visitors get to see the brilliant colors reflected in the coating and see how durable it is. They notice the unique swirl of colors throughout the coating, and yes, the sparkle of the anti-skid material included.

modelhomeYou can’t capture in the same “Wow” factor online or in a brochure. And this is why the Parade of Homes is still so relevant today.

Whether you are in the market for a newly constructed home or simply want to get some ideas of how to improve your existing home, the Parade of Homes gives consumers the opportunity to see, touch and appreciate all that goes into every home.

Besides epoxy coatings, you are also introduced to countertops, cabinetry, energy-efficiency techniques, technology, landscaping and decorating ideas – all in one spot. Personally, I don’t think anything can replace walking into a Parade home for the first time and being able to see how a home comes together. Plus, it gives me inspiration for updating my own home!

This is the real value and relevance of the Parade of Homes. You get to see all the amenities that can be included into every home, and this is something you simply can’t get from browsing online.

The Harrisburg Parade of Homes runs September 28 through October 6. Come visit Stronghold Floors as we showcase our garage floor epoxy coating at the homes listed below (more may be available by the date of the show).   Hope to see you there!


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NOTE: The author, Tess Wittler, is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for the construction industry who regularly collaborates with the Stronghold Floors team. She and Stronghold Floors owner, Mike Mincemoyer, have known each other for nearly a decade. You can follow Tess’s blog (full of content marketing tips for contractors) at

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