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Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Sep 10, 2013 11:30:00 AM

Garage Coatings Only vs. Garage Everything

I’m a big believer that no small business can be the “Be all, end all” in home improvement.   As a matter of fact, while many former PremierGarage franchises moved to being more inclusive of additional home improvement services and products, we transitioned to being a concrete floor coatings company only.   

Quite simply, it’s hard to concentrate your efforts when doing something as different as garage floor coatings and garage cabinetry/organizer systems.    As a total garage makeover company, the staff required to do each area well is very different.    Why did we choose to concentrate on concrete floor finishes

bestofbreed11)     As PremierGarage, we always completed more epoxy floor coatings projects each year compared to the garage cabinetry and organization.

2)     Dealing with the cabinetry wood product seemed to always give our team headaches, where we improved and mastered the coatings application techniques.

3)     There was a lot of competition in the storage and organization space from big-box retail stores and specialty organization companies, such as California Closets and Tailored Living (both well respected national franchises).

Turns out that making the decision to change to Stronghold Floors, an epoxy floor coatings company, was a great decision for us, our customers and our partnerships which soon followed.

For many years, our Maryland and Pennsylvania PremierGarage locations worked with other organization companies on projects, but there was always something holding each party back, as we really were competitors.   Take away our direct work in the storage/organization space and “Voilà”; Stronghold Floors now could create strategic partnerships with those same companies:   California Closets (Central Pennsylvania and Philadelphia) and Tailored Living (Northern Virginia).

What this means for the homeowner is that they get the great garage flooring coating and garage organization solutions from companies that regularly work together to make the garage makeover process simple and enjoyable.    And, these best of breed solutions have moved beyond the garage.    Our solutions and those of our partners are applicable for the basement, great rooms and other special spaces.

Let’s step through a project that is typical of our best of breed approach.

Recent Garage Flooring & Organization Project

bestofbreed2I recently worked with one of our partners on a garage project in the Phoenixville, Pennsylvania area.   The garage floor was in very rough shape.   The garage floor and walls were not being used in an effective style for organization and had never been improved beyond initial construction.

The designer from California Closets created an effective overall plan that included a ¼” decorative chip floor coating along with cabinets and organizers.

Prior to either company starting their part of the process, the homeowners improved the walls and ceilings by drywall finishing and painting.  

Our part of the garage makeover process was next.   Over a two day period, a Stronghold Floors installer team took the following steps:

  1. Mechanically prepared the concrete floor with an HTC 500 diamond grinder.   The entire surface was finished to a CSP 3 finish (concrete surface profile – a standard in our industry for surface preparation).  Since the garage’s concrete floor was very soft, special diamond tooling was used that would not wear too quickly.
  2. bestofbreed3All cracks and surface imperfection in the garage floor were patched with the appropriate epoxy surface repair materials.   
  3. Our 100% solids epoxy base coating was applied slightly thicker than normal, as the soft, porous concrete would absorb more than normal.   Once this pigmented epoxy coating was applied, the ¼” decorative chips (Lehigh blend) were applied to refusal (where no more chips could bond to the epoxy coating).
  4. The following morning, the entire surface was scraped and vacuumed to remove all excess chips.
  5. The team applied very high solids, Polyaspartic urethane over the entire floor to protect the decorative chips and underlying epoxy coating.     A white aluminum oxide was back-rolled into top coat to increase wear-ability and slip resistance.

Two days after we completed our process, the installers from California Closets installed beautiful cabinets (Lago® Adriatic Mist finish) and countertops/accents (Lago® Venetian Wenge finish).  

The final results, shown below, speak for themselves.     Looking at the BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below) pictures shows how quickly a garage can be transformed into a visual stunning, organized and extremely effective room that enhances everyday living.  


Create Your Ultimate Garage

Need help improving your garage floor?   Want to complete a complete garage makeover?  

Contact us today and we can get you started to truly enjoying coming home to your Ultimate Garage!



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