See Garage Floor Coatings at the 2013 Harrisburg Parade of Homes

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Sep 25, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Pennsylvania Parade of HomesWhile we increasing turn to the Web to research and collect ideas for home improvement projects, it still does not replace the experience of seeing (and touching) products & projects first hand.   When it comes to garage floor coatings, this is especially true if you want to see how much of a difference a professionally installed, decorative chip coating can make to a typical garage floor.   While we often setup the opportunity for our prospective homeowners to see our customer’s garages, it’s even easier when we take advantage of a great central Pennsylvania event – the yearly PA Parade of Homes (POH) – put on by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg.

If you happen to be in the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania area anytime between September 28th and October 6th, you have the opportunity to tour two of our more popular garage floor finishes in two different home entries.   You only have about 10 minutes of travel between the two locations.

There is no cost to this event for visitors.   You can browse all of the homes at your leisure and take pictures to gather ideas for you next home improvement project.   Want to know more about the Parade of Homes?   Check out this previous blog:  The Parade of Homes – More Relevant Than Ever.

Below we feature the directions to the two garage floor coatings and also links to their respective Project Profiles.  

POH Garage Floor Coating #1

POH Garage Floor Coating 1The first coated garage is in one of the Roland Builder homes.  This beautiful single-story garden home is in the Orchard Glen community at 1819 Spartan Drive.     The two car garage features our Berks blend of decorative chips.  More pictures of this model home can be seen in our Project Profiles by clicking here.

Several other home builders have Parade of Homes entries in Orchard Glen, so visitors can easily tour multiple homes located within walking distance.     The Orchard Glen community is located across from the lower part of Winding Hills.    Directions are below in the blue box.

Our relationship with Roland Builder began in 2005, when we were still a PremierGarage franchise.   We first applied coatings to their 2005 PA Parade of Home entry in the Estates of Forest Hills.   It wasn’t long before we were installing our coatings in the garages of several Roland family members.

Screen Shot 2013 09 24 at 11.38.01 AMSince that first year of working together, we have installed our epoxy coatings in the garages of at least one of the Roland Parade of Home entries each year.   Roland Builder also featured our garage coatings in their 2011 Home-A-Rama home, located in Mechanicsburg’s Winding Hills development.   

Currently, our garage coatings are featured in two other Roland Builder models.  One model is located in their Liberty Point subdivision and the second is in the Meadowview community, both in the Mechanicsburg area.

Looking forward, we are already in the planning stages for their 2014 Home-A-Rama entry.     That event will take place in northern Harrisburg – all homes will be in the Estates of Autumn Oaks.

The staff of Stronghold Floors wishes to thank all members of the Roland Builder team for 8 years of a great working relationship.   


POH Garage Floor Coating #2

POH Garage Floor Coating 2Our second garage floor coating is featured in a model home by Carlson Construction.   This beautiful two-story home is in the Hampden Summit community.   The garage features one of our most popular decorative chip blend, Delaware Hybrid.   This blend was created by our staff and features 3 different sizes of chip to create a more naturally marbled appearance.   More pictures of this model home can be seen in our Project Profiles by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2013 09 24 at 11.28.15 AM

This three car garage started off with 52 linear feet of saw cuts (a type of control joint to prevent future cracking of the concrete slab) which were filled with epoxy joint filler.   The floor coating is now seamless.  The concrete step leading into the home is coated in the base color of the floor (the actual color of the epoxy under the chips) to provide contrast to the main floor.

Stronghold Floors has worked with many Carlson Construction homeowners in Camp Hill, Enola and Mechanicsburg.   Our shared customers’ homes are primarily located in Floribunda and Hampden Summit developments. 

Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors and one member of the ownership team.   Mike has been actively involved in the company since the beginning in 2004.    His formal floor coatings background includes training & experience with flooring products from PremierGarage, Rock Tred, Crown Polymers, HTC America, SIKA, AmeriPolish, SASE, Metzger McGuire, L&M Chemical Company and FGS/Permashine.


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