Concrete Contemplations: 10 Years in 2014

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jan 1, 2014 12:00:00 PM

2014 is a special year for Stronghold Floors. It’s our 10th year in business. It marks 10 years we have installed coatings in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

starFor those who do not know, we began as the PremierGarage of Maryland and PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania franchises. For a short period of time, we also operated the PremierGarage of Northern Virginia and PremierGarage of the Brandywine areas. In the beginning of 2011, we ceased operating as PremierGarage and began our own entity as Stronghold Floors.

How are we celebrating this special year?

Attending the World of Concrete

For those not in the concrete pouring, concrete coatings or polished concrete business, this is the biggest event in the industry. Kim and I will be attending for the first time.  What a bummer that it’s held in Las Vegas! We are looking for more options in the decorative side of epoxy coatings. That’s more options for a coated garage or basement floor.   

I’ll have a lot more on this after we return at the end of January.

Epoxy coatings for the 2014 Home-A-Rama

Just as we did in 2011, look for us to showcase our garage floor coatings in several of the garages. This Harrisburg event will take place this summer. We will have a lot more on this as the months roll by.

Greater Builder and Partner Support

Our team has grown in both size and capability over the past 2 years. Our growth will allow us to increase our builder and alliance partner programs in 2014.

This will benefit homeowners as our “garage makeover” programs with our various garage organization partners gain even more momentum.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

I’ll bring you more in 2014.   But until then, we hope everyone has a happy, safe & prosperous New Year.

greyhoundspngHappy Holidays,

Mike, Kim and their 5 Greyhounds (Sophie, Ray, Tyler, Maggie & Bea Bea)

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