Concrete Contemplations - Thanksgiving Reflections & Recipes

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Nov 27, 2013 5:10:36 PM


Happy Thanksgiving to our customers, partners, team members & everyone else!

The Reflections

thanksgivingdayThis is a week where our team reviews the past year and discusses our upcoming goals.   It was those discussions that highlighted just how much I have to be thankful for.

  • It is nearly one year since we combined our Maryland and Pennsylvania companies to both operate as Stronghold Floors.   It has gone much smoother than I had anticipated.

  • I get to work daily with one more of my friends.   Gary, who I served with in the US Army twenty years ago, went from garage floor coatings customer to management team member in a short period of time.

  • Kim, my wife & best friend of 20 years, continues to provide me with great council and to shelter me from the daily financial/accounting parts of our business that make me crazy.

  • My business partners (Kim, Dave and Jason) and all other team members made this the most enjoyable year I have had since we began in 2004.

  • The changes in our management team went smoother than ever before:Steve moved from a very successful Pennsylvania Operations Manager to a great Sales Manager. His dedication to customer satisfaction has made him a big hit with our residential and commercial customers.

  • Zach has run with his promotion to PA Operations Manager and has needed very little from me while running some of our largest warehouse & production flooring projects to date.

  • Our Operations staff continues to grow and improve:Tony (who got married & has a child on the way) set some new, internal coatings records that will be hard to beat.

  • Davis (Pennsylvania) joined earlier in the year and recently was promoted to a Lead Coatings Installer.

  • Shane (Maryland) did a great job supporting our Virginia garage organization partner and is currently working one of our most complicated commercial coatings projects to date.

  • We have some great partners who helped us have a great year:
    • AdVision
    • Tess Whittler
    • Tailored Lioving of Northern Virginia
    • California Closets of Central Pennsylvania & Philadelphia

  • We have very understanding families who tolerate all the late days, working weekends and occasional overnights.

The Recipes

Oh, concerning the recipes - I'll share two. I would share a stuffing recipe, but truth be told, I just LOVE Stove Top Stuffing (sorry Mom).




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