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Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Mar 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Thinking “Outside the Box” often leads to interesting, innovative ideal.   Our team recently was together discussing how to use our coating in “Outside the Box” scenarios.   Turns out, we already have.    And, we are always looking for more opportunities.

In the past 10 years, we have successfully used our epoxy coatings in various situations which did not involve a traditional concrete floor.   Everyone seems surprised we can apply our coatings to more than just concrete.

Elastomeric Epoxy Membranes for Wood Floors

epoxy-membranes-for-wood-floorsFor example, we have applied our coatings to race car trailers.    Most enclosed trailers begin with a sheet, wood floor.  Since the wood flexes far more than a concrete floor, we first apply an elastomeric epoxy membrane to the wood.  This coating may be applied more than once, to ensure the proper amount of build (MILS).   Once an adequate membrane is in place, the desired coating system can be added.  This could be a plain, solid color epoxy coating, a decorative chip coating, decorative quartz coating or even a metallic epoxy coating.

In the case of the race car trailer used by a Central Pennsylvania “Legends” race car team, they chose a decorative chip floor for their new car hauler.

This use of elastomeric epoxy membranes has also allowed us to coat rooms inside of homes, such as mudrooms, dog wash rooms and laundry rooms; same thing with sheds having wood deck floors.  It’s even been used in the wood floors of several box trucks at our Maryland and Pennsylvania operations.

These same coatings would also for the storage areas in horse trailers and “toy hauler” trailers.

High Viscosity Epoxies for Vertical Walls

vertical-wall-epoxyWe have vertical grade epoxy formulated for priming and sealing walls.   These walls can be drywall, poured walls or concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls (also known as concrete block, cement block or besser block).  

Where would these epoxies be helpful?   Animal care facilities like Stay Pet Resort, Nittany Greyhounds and Bark of the Town, all feature our coatings to protect the block walls.  

Since the coatings fill the pores, prime and seal the surface, the walls can hold up to daily exposure to animals and the associated cleaning.   Even the best wall paints would not hold up as well and would require constant maintenance.

Odd Uses for Oddball items

expoxy-bagsThinking outside the box has led to some very interesting uses for our epoxy systems.   We have our epoxy coatings to stranger items, such as Cornhole boards (shown to the right), statues and items of furniture.   Our Mechanicsburg facility has decorative chip coatings on the bathroom mirror’s wood frame.   One of our coatings installers has applied different epoxies to countertops used at his home.  

At Stay Pet Resort, our decorative quartz coatings were used to line the dog wash tubs, which were fabricated by the owner and her general contractor (shown below). These coatings were chosen not just for their strength, but also because of the texture that decorative quart coatings can easily provide.

More “Outside the Box” Ideas

epoxy_outside_the_boxThis spring, once the Polar Vortex leaves town and the home shows are over, we will be testing several more “Outside the Box” solutions, such as:

  • Basement coatings that feature a “soft floor” feel – where the topmost coatings actually provide a springy, cushioned feel.
  • Coating systems which are bonded above a 7mm or greater sports mat, allowing for use in home and professional gyms and sports centers.   We expect these floors to be great for high impact training rooms.
  • Colored systems, similar to our Metallic epoxies that will provide the same variegated look, but without the metallic aspect.

I’m sure we will have some more “outside the box” ideas soon. 


Mike Mincemoyer is the President and Business Development Manager of Stronghold Floors.    Since their beginning as PremierGarage of Central PA and PremierGarage of Maryland, the team at Stronghold Floors has applied several million square feet of coatings.     While most are garage, basement and commercial production floors, they are here to help you with your coatings needs.   Even if you have some new, interesting scenario for their coatings, give our team a call.


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