Garage Coatings: Getting More from Having Less

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Apr 17, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Messy garage in Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaWe Have Too Much Stuff

I HATE CLUTTER!   When our business included garage organization, it drove me CRAZY when homeowners wanted everything in the garage to be in plain sight (via wall mounted organizers, slat wall, etc.).   Personally, I always tried to get them to get rid of everything that was unnecessary and place the rest in cabinets.  

Premier garage floor coatings add prestige - by Stronghold Floors.To me, driving into a clean, uncluttered garage is a very soothing experience.    Walking in a garage that barely has any room between the vehicles and the “stuff” is beyond aggravating.  Nothing like leaving the home seeing a mess and returning later to see that same mess to jack up the blood pressure.

Garage Coatings Play a Role Too!

So, how does a garage floor coating play into the uncluttered, Zen-like garage?   It helps with the overall cleanliness, since our garage floor coatings are simple to keep clean.   The coatings hide dirt - so a little mud, a few dead bugs and some drips off the car don’t ruin the look.  Most important, the aesthetics contribute to that tranquil feeling you get from an organized, uncluttered room.

By having less in the garage and sprucing up the appearance, you can now get more out of your garage.   You can use it for:

  •          The party room – there is no raining on your picnic now!
  •          The kid’s play room – don’t feel bad about telling them to go play in the garage.
  •          The weekend game room – whether it’s poker, blackjack or fantasy football, you have the ideal place to make a mess and smoke that nasty cigar.
  •          The Showroom – be proud to show off that Corvette and not worry that something is going to bang into it.

No more garage floor paint. Real coatings by Stronghold Floors.Need Some Help with Organizing the Garage?

We Americans must need help, since the junk hauling and temporary storage businesses are booming.

I just read an interesting article in Time magazine called “The Joy of Less” (March 23, 2015; pages 44 – 50).  It mentions several books to help out the homeowner with too much stuff.  One, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is on the New York Times best sellers list since February.   I haven’t read it, but I do have some suggestions:

1)      Purge - Take time to get rid of the stuff that has just accumulated over the years. You might be amazed how much goes with that one task.

2)      Get effective storage systems – this might require using the services of companies like Closet Factory and California Closets.  They can custom build the storage around the specific limitations of your garage space.

3)      Keep it off the floor – nothing makes it harder to keep a clean garage than tons of stuff sitting on the floor.  Use wall mounted storage and organization systems.   If you have a tall enough garage, install some ceiling mounted storage.

For more ideas, check out The Ultimate Garage Storage Guide on

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