Garage Floor Coatings Criteria Part III: Choosing the Desired Look

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jun 16, 2014 10:30:00 AM

So far, we’ve evaluated the current garage floor condition and determined the coating’s performance requirements.   Now, we move on to the aesthetics.   What is our desired look?

Garage floor coatings are not “one size fits all”. The coatings can reflect the homeowner’s sense of style. They can just show off the homeowner’s favorite color. They can even be tied to a favorite brand or team colors. Since so many choices are available in garage coatings, we’ve listed out some things to consider.

What do I want my garage floor coating to look like?

Garage floor coatings come in a very WIDE range of looks. That final look may have something to do with the actual performance, but it may just be an aesthetic of the floor system.

4 Items to Consider When Choosing the Look of a Coating System

Characteristics for garage floor coatings 

1) Do I want a “one-of-a-kind” look?

  • One of a kind floor coatingSome floor coatings are unique and the final look will only be known after the project is complete.   Clear, thin-mil coating systems are a typical example, which can emulate the look of polished concrete without the cost and hassles.
  • The artistic options often require special techniques. Metallic epoxies are examples of this.
  • Artistic floor coatings will often cost more than coatings which give a uniform look.

2) Do the coatings’ colors tie in with the look of the home or room’s motif?

  • Some coating systems have blends that tie in better with the brick, stone or siding on the outside of the home.
  • Some coatings stop under the garage door, while others go out to meet the driveway. The floor colors may or may not be visible when the garage doors are down.
  • The most common garage coatings are decorative chip systems and hundreds of blends are available.
Themed floor coatings

3) Are the colors tied to a theme?

  • Color blends can be tied to professional, college and local sports team colors.
  • Blends can reflect brand affinity, such as colors used by Harley Davidson or Ford.

4) Do I want the floor to hide particular types of debris?

  • Floor coatings that hide debrisColor blends can be utilized to help hide mulch, pollen, clay, pebbles and road salt.
  • Some systems have very little or no ability to hide surface debris.
  • Very dark coating systems tend to show dust and pollens quickly.
  • Very light coating systems tend to show dirt and debris.
  • Chip blends containing light, medium and dark colors work best to hide dirt and look clean, even when not. 

Desired Look Conclusions

When determining the desired look, keep in mind that:

  • High performance coatings last a long time, so the look of the coatings should be something that can be enjoyed for a long time.
  • Do-It-Yourself epoxy paint kits will not present the same look as professional systems, nor will they maintain their look for long.   DIY paint kits will color shift, yellow and fade many times faster than a professionally installed garage floor coating.
  • For resale value, a choice that compliments the home may be more desirable than a choice made based upon one’s favorite color or sports team.

The Next Step

This is the 3rd of four articles dealing with garage floor coatings and their selection criteria.

In our next article, we will look at Part 4 – Selecting the Coating System.

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The team at Stronghold Floors can work with you to select a coating system that provides the look and durability you need in a garage floor coating.  Our weather and seasonality here in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia presents some differences from the systems more commonly used in California, Florida, Arizona and Texas (states where epoxy garage floor coatings are the most common).

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