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Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Apr 25, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Stronghold Floors is an Elite Service Provider.As a society, we have become used to items being upgradeable or enhanced.   We super-size our value meals, we add a sports or luxury package to our vehicle, and we can always get the premium version of the cool app on our smart phone.

But, I don’t believe everything needs to be presented in this “bait and switch” manner.  Sometimes, the right service or product should not have inferior grades sold as the “standard version vs. the premium version” or “good vs. better vs. best”. Case in point is a decorative chip garage floor coating.  

Apply the Gold Standard in Garage Floor Coatings

We have some “competitors” who use this bait and switch to show off very low pricing, but they then hard sell their “premium version”.   Then we get calls asking us for our different levels.   Our answer is that we only have one version for the normal residential garage floor.   It’s what everyone else charges extra for.   

Since a thick, polyaspartic topcoat is really the gold standard in garage floor coatings, that’s what we have always offered here at Stronghold Floors.    We don’t sell you upgrades, after we hooked you with “standard” product pricing.   We don’t try to create confusion and blur the lines.     We know that there is no reason to sell a 1 topcoat or 2 topcoats flooring system.   If your two topcoats only comes up to 8 to 12 MILS, then why not just “do it right” all the time by always applying that amount and not making it an upgrade.    No one should have a full broadcast, decorative chip floor with only 3 to 5 MILS of topcoat on it, regardless of the materials.

Garage Floor Coatings StrongholdThose same competitors will say “Our product doesn’t need to be thick, because it’s so durable”.   All garage coatings subjected to regular vehicle traffic will have wear on the topmost coatings layers.   Once the topcoat has sufficient dulling or scratching, it will require a new topcoat to rejuvenate it.   That requires that the previous top coat have enough body to 1) protect the chips below and 2) provide the structure to mechanically bond the next clear coat to it.

To explain more on this issue with thickness, please see our article Garage Coatings Math: When 3 is Greater than 5.

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Be Specialists who Follows a Process when installing Garage Coatings

We have another competitor who tries to tout that he sells you the floor and installs the coatings.   While our sales managers have all installed coatings (some are former Operations Managers for us), we believe that the best person to install your coatings is someone who specializes in installation epoxy coatings every day.  Not just on non-sales days.

I don’t want the salesperson who sells me my vehicles to also be the technician working on my vehicles.   We believe in specialization.   It’s the core reason we are only a coatings company and partner with others for complete garage makeovers.  

Our staff all goes through a documented, proven training program and we constantly educate our installers on new products.     We want our installers to be focused every day, not just when they don’t have other items on their plates.

How do We Know it Works?

If it wasn’t working, we would not have just strengthened our garage floor warranty.   If it didn’t work, we would not have a half dozen organization & garage makeover companies utilizing our coatings services as part of their offerings.

I believe our 6000+ customers speak for us. Check out what they are saying on Facebook, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Google+ and more.  Please note: you must be an Angie’s List customer to view our profiles and reviews on that site.

[Update]  On May 6th, 2014, Stronghold Floors won the 2014 Best of HomeAdvisor award.    Since 2006, we have offered our services to HomeAdvisor (formerly ServiceMagic) users - including coatings for residential (garages, basements, etc) and commercial.


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Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors. 



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