Garage Makeovers–Part 1: Getting the Ideas Going

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Aug 5, 2014 10:30:00 AM

In prior blogs, I’ve discussed how to get ready for a garage coatings and I’ve quickly addressed how to approach a garage makeover.   In the next X articles, I’m going to take a deep dive into the garage makeover process.   Whether you are just giving the garage a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, these will help guide you to the best possible outcome.    If you are getting ready to build a new garage, I’d encourage you to keep reading – I’ll help you avoid the mistakes that I (and many others) have made.

We’ll approach this garage makeover project from every angle, not just coatings.   Before we became “flooring only”, we used to install garage cabinetry and organizers, so my approach and guidance is based upon 7 years of being a designer.


What Do I Want From My Garage?

Garage Makeover IdeasBefore we can even begin to plan for our garage makeover, we must first ask this question – “What do I want and need from my garage?”    This question leads to more specific questions.

  • Am I just trying to make the garage more functional for storing items?  
  • Do I want a gardening center?
  • Am I going to store a lot of sporting, hunting or recreational equipment?
  • Am I going to have a refrigerator, freezer or any other appliances in the garage?
  • Do I want the garage to become a multi-purpose and/or multi-season room?

As you start to get a picture together of how you want to use the garage, then you can start to consider the questions of how to achieve your end goal.


What Do I Need to Consider for my Garage Makeover?

The following is a lot of different questions, but I want to give you all the items you should consider.

General Garage Project Questions

1)     Do I want to approach this as a DIY project or use professionals?

2)     Do I have the expertise to do all the types of work required?

3)     What budget do I have or need to complete this project?

4)     Am I going to do this in phases or all as one project?

TIP:   Sometimes, these general questions are best answered last.   The more specific questions below may help to answer the questions above.


Garage Remodeling/Enhancement Questions

What to ask for your garage remodel1)     Do I need to add or replace the wall or ceiling materials?

2)     Am I adding any insulation to the garage?

3)     Do I need to paint the walls and ceiling?

  1. What color for the walls?
  2. What color for the ceiling?
  3. What color for the trim?

4)     Do I need to add or replace the stairs?

5)     Am I adding or changing the garage’s lighting?

6)     Am I adding or changing the electrical outlets?

7)     Do I want to add or replace the utility sink?

8)     Am I replacing or upgrading the garage doors?

9)     Am I replacing the garage door openers?

Garage storage ideas


Garage Storage, Organization & Functionality Questions

1)     How much room is available after I park my vehicles in the garage?

2)     What items can be permanently removed from the garage?

3)     What large items do I want to store in the garage?

4)     What sports, hunting or recreational equipment do I want to store in the garage?

5)     Are there a lot of small items that I want to store?

6)     Do I want to see or hide as much of my stuff as possible?

7)     Do I want to use a wall storage system instead of drywall?

8)     Am I adding or replacing an existing garage floor coating?


How Do I Figure Out the Answers to so many Questions?

If the questions above seem overly daunting, do not fret.   In the next couple articles, I will give some suggestions, approaches and guidance.

If you do not have the time or expertise to complete some of the garage enhancements or upgrades, there are many professionals who can assist.  

If you budget is limited, do not worry.   You may break the project into more affordable phases.   You can pursue Do It Yourself solutions for many of these areas.

If you want to get ideas of what is possible with a garage makeover, I suggest checking out some of the following resources:


NOTE: We regularly work with garage organization companies.   The most common are California Closets (Central Pennsylvania and Philadelphia) and Tailored Living (Central Maryland and Northern Virginia).   If you are located in our Service Area, we would be happy to recommend a professional garage organization company.

Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors. When the company was a PremierGarage franchise, Mike was the primary garage designer for their central Pennsylvania-based company.     


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