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Harrisburg Capitalizes on Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Our coatings have improved many garages in Harrisburg, PA.

harrisburg-epoxy-garage-floor-coatingsWhile garage floors in Harrisburg do not see the punishment of somewhere like State College, they do take a beating from road salts and winter crud.   That’s probably why we have installed so many garage coatings in Harrisburg for homeowners & home builders.

Helping Harrisburg Homeowners Capitalize on their Garage Floor Coatings Investment

When we began as the PremierGarage of Central PA franchise in 2004, our first customers lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The couple wanted to give their 15 year old, garage floor a facelift.  Being in construction for over 40 years, they knew the dangers of the epoxy paint kits.  Fresh from training, this first floor coating project was the ideal start for our new crew.   So off we went, installing a decorative chip floor coating in their 3 car garage.

Fast forward to 2014 and our STRONGHOLD FLOORS staff has installed hundreds of garage floor coatings in the city of Harrisburg and the surrounding towns of Linglestown and Dauphin.  The greatest concentration of these garage coatings are in communities like Forest Hills, Autumn Oaks, Tuscan Villas and Mountain Dale. While most garages we coat are larger two car or three car garages, there are still many garages we coat that are less than 400 square feet.    In the heart of Harrisburg, we have coated garages floors as small as 250 square feet in newly constructed townhouses.

harrisburg-garage-floor-coatingsMany Harrisburg garage floors are in decent shape when we begin our preparation process and require little repair work.  But, some of the most heavily damaged concrete floors we have dealt with are in the Colonial Park area.  These homes, built in the 1960s, featured suspended-deck garage floors, where the basement continued under the garage (not just the main rooms of the home).   Due to insufficient support and decking, these garage floors vibrated excessively when vehicles came and went, resulting in floors that had tremendous cracking and spalling.   While the homeowners took steps to mitigate the excess movement & vibration, they were still stuck with a floor that allowed all fluids to fall through the garage floor into the basement. Besides water damage, many of these homes suffered from rust and mold issues in the areas of the basement located under the garage.

To date, we have assisted a handful of these owners with systems modified for their specific circumstance. Each garage has required 1 or 2 days of just surface restoration, followed by extra coatings that often involved a flexible epoxy membrane.   Once enough work and base primer was applied, we would complete the project with our normal decorative chip systems.  

Helping Home Builders Rise above the Rest

If you have walked through Harrisburg homes entered in the Pennsylvania Parade of Homes in the past 9 years, you have probably seen our coatings.

  • 2005 – As PremierGarage, we got our start with Roland Builder in an Estates of Forrest Hills home (which won the “Best Single-Family Home”). 
  • 2006 – Our coatings were featured in entries by Roland Builder (another “Best Single-Family Home”), Stephen Black Builders and Thomas J. Carricato & Sons.  All homes were located in the Estates of Forest Hills.
  • 2007 – Our garage floor coatings were applied to homes by Roland Builder & Custer Homes in the Estate of Forest Hills and by Steve Black Builder in another nearby development.  
  • 2008 – We applied our coatings to the Roland Builder entry and, once more, they won the Best Single-Family Home award. We also installed coatings in an entry by Custer Homes in the Mountain Dale area.
  • 2009 – Yet another year in the Roland Builder entry. 

There was a hiatus in Harrisburg, as many of our builder partners were now building on the West Shore in areas like Enola and Mechanicsburg.

epoxy-coatings-harrisburgThen, the Pennsylvania Street of Dreams returned to Harrisburg in 2014. Six homes were featured in the Estates at Autumn Oaks.   Our garage coatings were featured in entries by Landmark Homes and Roland Builder.   These two homes were later re-entered in the 2014 Parade of Homes.

Not surprising, four of the fore-mentioned home builders purchased our epoxy coatings for their own home’s garage floor.  

Many other builders have used our services in the Harrisburg area as well.  One home builder called in a panic when someone walked through their freshly poured garage and left footprints in the green concrete.   We got them all fixed up and now the homeowner enjoys a warrantied, commercial grade garage coating. 

Even More Epoxy Coatings in Harrisburg

Wrapping up, I wanted to mention our epoxy and other polymer coatings are also installed in dozens of Harrisburg basements and businesses.  After the flooding in 2011, we were busy helping businesses along the Susquehanna River with retrofitting their showrooms, storage areas and production floors.   We saw a 700% increase in basement coatings and that continues to this day.

If you are in Harrisburg (or anywhere in our service area), give us a call and we will try to help you capitalize on your home investment.

STRONGHOLD FLOORS is a 10 year member of the Home Builders Association of Metro Harrisburg.  Our team participates each year in the PA Spring Home Show located at Harrisburg’s Farm Show Complex.   We often have coatings featured in model homes located in or near Harrisburg that are open to the public.   At time of publishing, we have two model homes located in Harrisburg’s Estates at Autumn Oaks.


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