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Looking for garage floor coatings companies? Don’t ask Angie anymore!


Just recently, Angie’s List changed the way it shows their customers the top service providers in their area.  No longer can AL customers view the reviews these providers have received over years (sometimes more than a decade).  Not unless that service provider wants to pay for advertising in AL.   It’s now a “pay to play” environment.

So, why bother even having an AL account now?   I’m not sure.   You can easily use Google or Bing to find the same results (often more – as not every service provider bothers with an AL profile).  You can often find and view more reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.   And, these do not carry a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you feel more comfortable using a website geared specifically to finding a garage floor epoxy contractor, a homeowner can turn to  We started our professional listings on that platform back in 2006, when it was called ServiceMagic.   To date, they have never charged homeowners to find results and don’t hide the reviews of contractors.

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AL tries to provide reasons why their recent changes benefit the consumer and the service providers.  But, having been one of those providers, specifically for epoxy floor coatings and garage floor paint, I’ve tried their advertising in the past. It didn’t assist our flow of new inquiries. Why? Because their service becomes more irrelevant each year – it was a great idea in 1995, but their time is past.  Why pay to have an account when you can find the same results (and more) outside of their pay-to-use platform?

Sure, they have now made the subscription based platform free to consumers. But this just reinforces their model changes for service providers having to pay to have their full profile (including reviews) to the consumer.

Even though you can no longer see the AL 50+ reviews for our two locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland which describe why we have an “A” rating, you can still find more reviews about us.  No worries, just click on any of the links below to see what our customers are saying about Stronghold Floors.

Here to help with Garage Floor Epoxy or other Epoxy Floor Coating needs

If you are interested in any of the items below, I suggest you search for them adding the nearest city to the search string:

  • Epoxy Floor coatings
  • Garage floor paint / garage floor epoxy
  • Basement floor coatings / basement floor paint
  • Commercial floor coatings

If you are located in our service areas, look no further.  Just contact us – the Strongest Name in Floor Coatings!


In the interests of full disclosure, Mike Mincemoyer has paid for an AL account for the past 2 years.  He purchased it so that he could see reviews on their company and their competitors (the same way any as any other consumer).