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Need a Commercial Floor Coating? Think local.

Local flooring companies do not coat and run. They are there when you need additional help.

In the past 12 months, we have completed a wide array of commercial floor coating projects.   Some required simply epoxy coatings for a warehouse floor.  Others required more complicated systems, such as secondary containment systems comprised of Novolacs and high compression systems comprised of multiple sand-reinforced layers of epoxy with special urethane topcoats.  

commercial flooring by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

What is common among all these customers?   They chose our company to provide their solutions instead of bids they received from out of the area (most out of the state) floor coating companies.

Why choose a local company?

STRONGHOLD FLOORS may not be as large as some of the coatings companies in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.   But, in most cases, the size of those companies has no bearing on the final results.     It just means they deploy more crews out of the area at all times.     Some of these companies even work beyond the lower 48 states.

Here at STRONGHOLD FLOORS, we only work on projects within a 3 hour drive of our Mechanicsburg & Baltimore locations (soon, we will have a crew in a  Philadelphia location as well).    What does this locality mean for our customers?

1)     We are close enough when our customers need additional help.

2)     We can work with our customers to split up their project into small chunks or phases.

3)     We care about our customer’s success.

4)     We are not in a HURRY to leave the customer’s job site.

5)     Our employees live here too and take pride in assisting the communities we serve.

6)     Our project leaders are on site to communicate with customers.

We have many customers who previously got a bid from the bigger, out of the area companies and they always tell us the “estimator” didn’t take the time to really understand their needs, requirements and desires.   They didn’t ask any questions to help them through the process.   Our team will help to understand your needs & requirements before we provide recommended systems and pricing.

We have general contractors turning to us, now that they found us.  Why? Because, that big name, flooring company from New Jersey or Philadelphia…

... doesn’t get back to them on time or ever.

… has NO project leaders on site at any time.

… doesn’t return to the job site to make things just right.  

… sends employees who cannot communicate in English.

commercial flooring 2 by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Still think using a local, service-oriented coatings company doesn’t matter?

Ask our customer, Stay Pet Resort in Hanover, Maryland, “Did our locality and our approach matter?”   At this new, state of the art animal daycare, grooming and kennel, we took a 17,500 square foot, decorative chip coatings coatings and metallic epoxy job and broke it into 4 phases to better allow their construction schedule to stay on track.   Then, during the course of the entire fit-out, we accommodated breaking into additional phases, added two more rooms, helped construct/coat the dog wash areas and assisted with numerous other changes along the way.   The other two bids didn’t even spend more than 15 minutes with them to discuss their projects before submitting bids.

commercial floor coatings 1 by STRONGHOLD FLOORS

Ask our home builders, “Who helped them when the concrete company messes up and won’t return to help fix the garage or basement floor?”   We’ve helped over 3 dozen home builders with bad pours, footprints in green concrete, thunderstorm damage to the cream layers and freeze spalls from winter construction.

Does it matter to you?

So, if you are in the market for epoxy coatings for your production floor, warehouse, clean room, kennel or food processing facility, check with the local coatings professionals.    And, if you are in greater Maryland, central or southeastern Pennsylvania, or northern Virginia, give us a call (click here to see our service area).   See why we have almost 5,000 customers in just 10 years.

Mike Mincemoyer is the President/Founder of STRONGHOLD FLOORS.  He works to setup and support relationships with homebuilders, remodelers, general contractors and lease/management companies.    He also provides support to the Sales & Operations teams in Maryland and Pennsylvania.



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