SF News: New monthly Email Newsletters (beyond Garage Floor Coatings)

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jan 21, 2015 1:30:00 PM

Enjoy Your Winter with Garage Floor Coatings

I’m pleased to announce Stronghold Floors will now send out a monthly email newsletter for homeowners.  Each month will feature content that educates, entertains and inspires.  

We will keep you informed of upcoming shows, open houses, organization partner specials and Parades of Homes.

Our content will often be seasonal in nature and will go beyond our garage floor coatings and our other coating systems

If you want to receive our monthly email newsletters, you can sign up by clicking here.

Upcoming themes for the newsletters will include:

  • Adding Garage Cabinetry & Garage Wall Organizers
  • Creating Inspiring Man Caves
  • Comparing Basement Waterproofing Solutions
  • Finishing the Basement
  • Simple DIY projects for the Garage
  • Stamped, Stained & Polished Concrete
  • Creating a Garage Finishing Theme
  • How to Find a Contrator
  • Getting the Look of Polished Concrete without the Headaches
  • Sealing Sidewalks & Other Exterior Concrete Surfaces
  • Using DIY Kits to Coat Small Rooms

Enjoy Your Winter & #EnjoyYourGarage

Winterize Your Garage with a Coating System

Our first newsletter‘s theme was “Enjoy Your Winter – Make the Garage work for you during the cold months”.   It featured articles on: 

Plus, in our Frequently Asked Questions section, we answered how to minimize the impact of Winter’s yuck on your epoxy and polyaspartic coatings and other useful answers to common garage questions.

Wonder what we are up to? Our Latest News section detailed what our Baltimore and Mechanicsburg teams are installing in residential, commercial and industrial projects.  Whenever possible, we try to link these news announcements to additional content, pictures or relevant, external sites.

Finally, we wrap upped with two Project Profiles which link to the entire photo gallery. Here you can find ideas on coating’s color, finish and options to enhance your garage or other special space.

Quarterly Newsletter for Builders, Architects and Real Estate Developers/Managers

In March, we will begin our quarterly email newsletter geared to builders, architects, real estate developers and lease/management companies.   This will feature information about floor coatings specific to the construction process, uses in different industries and help with specifications/planning.   We will have a link for this newsletter soon.   If you wish to sign-up now, please send an email to newsletter@strongholdfloors.com

We are Here to Help

We hope you enjoy these monthly newsletters and ask you to email us with any questions, comments, pictures or suggestions to newsletter@strongholdfloors.com .   Our motto is “We are here to help!” and we strive to show it by our actions and our services, including this new newsletter.

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