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Our Epoxy Garage Floor Versus Dried On Paint

Paint on epoxy garage floor coatings.

Lisa and Brian contacted Steve, our Pennsylvania Sales Manager, back in June 2015 to learn more about our garage floor coatings. Their next door neighbors had referred them to STRONGHOLD FLOORS. Their neighbors had our epoxy coatings in their two car garage and on their back patio slab.

My garage floor always looks dirty!

Lisa wanted our floor coatings because the garage floor’s plaint concrete always looked dirty. To make things worse, their home was a former model home and the builder had left marks, paint spray and caulk on the garage floor. For her, the concrete was just too hard to keep clean.

Before painting garage floor with epoxy.

Epoxy coatings to the rescue!

Lisa and Brian contracted STRONGHOLD FLOORS to install our two layer, 100% solids epoxy floor coatings back in July, 2015. They selected our medium gray, solid color epoxy coating system. They also chose to leave the saw cuts unfilled and terminate the coatings at the garage door. (Read: What About the Cracks? What if I Have a Joint? for more information on the different types of joints in concrete.)

Note: STRONGHOLD FLOORS does not recommend solid color systems to be installed in residential garages. Instead, we recommend decorative chip flake floor coatings.

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Located only a few miles from our Mechanicsburg location, the crew easily prepared the 370 square foot surface, which was very hard concrete (Read: Grinding vs. Shot Blasting for how we prepare the concrete). Their garage was coated in just 1.5 days. To quote Lisa, “…the guys did a wonderful job. Makes me want to be in the garage and keep it clean and organized.”

Help! There is paint stuck to my new garage coatings!

Paint sprayed on our epoxy floor coatings.Later, Brian did some work in the garage involving spray paint. He was touching up the bumper on a car. Unintentionally, he got the overspray of black paint on our epoxy coatings. Since it had dried before he realized the severity of the paint overspray, he was concerned with how to best remedy the situation. Like many homeowners, they wanted to ensure they did not damage the floor when removing the paint.

Dried paint is no match…

Lisa and Brian reached out to Steve, who offered to stop by and determine the proper course of action. According to Steve, most of the paint did not bond to the coatings. He was able to use a white pad and some denatured alcohol to remove any remaining paint he couldn't simply scrape off.

Paint removed from epoxy floor in Mechanicsburg garage.

In a follow-up with Lisa, she shared, “Steve was super nice to deal with and especially kind to come out and take a look at an issue we had due to my husband getting paint on the floor. Steve stayed and took his time till there was no more paint left. Amazed… never knew there was paint there. THANK YOU!”

You are most welcome, Lisa. We are here to help.

After epoxy coatings applied in Mechanicsburg by Stronghold Floors

Some Final Notes

  • Their neighbor’s patio features our double broadcast, decorative flake coatings. These coatings are ideal for outdoor concrete slabs that receive substantial exposure to sunlight.
  • Our epoxy coatings feature a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance. The polyaspartic coatings we utilize over the decorative flake systems for garages have even greater chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • If you ever have a question about how to clean your STRONGHOLD FLOORS' coatings, just give us a call or drop us an email.

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