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In 2004, we set off to create a premier garage coatings and cabinetry company in central Pennsylvania.  While that initial journey got off to a bumpy start with a different national franchisor, it did make us better for the experience.   In 2011, we reorganized and created Stronghold Floors. Our evolution since then has made us the strong team we are today.

We belive it only fitting to share with potential customers and potential partners what values we hold dear.


The following seven items make up our core values which guide our company culture, team interactions and business performance.  Unlike many companies who proclaim values which either ring hollow or serve as aspiring goals, our values are the core of what makes us The Strongest Name in Coatings!

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Instead of delivering a high pressure sale pitch, we concentrate on educating, assisting and supporting our flooring customers, regardless of whether it's a residential customer seeking a garage floor coating or a business owner looking to improve the look of their showroom floor.

Continuous Improvement

We are not a “status quo” company.  Sometimes, that is hard for some of our team members to adapt to.  We strive to improve ourselves, our processes and our customer focus/support.


We work with our coworkers, business partners and customers as “One Team”.  There is no “Us vs. Them” here at Stronghold Floors. 


We listen to, connect with and inform our team, leads, customers and partners.   We actively solicit feedback at all times to feed into our Continuous Improvement Program.

Belief in Our Team

Everyone’s contribution matters.   That goes for every installer, sales person and business partners.We are only "Strong Together".


We try to recognize and reward contributions every chance we get. When we hear back from our customers, we love to share that feedback with our installation teams and recognize the individuals who made it happen.

Coaching & Support

We invest in mentoring, training and assisting the growth of our team and franchise network.  By supporting one another, we all win together.  We even select our vendor partners based upon their ability to provide great customers service and support.

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Steve Galeone is the General Manager of Stronghold Floors which serves Greater Maryland, Northern Virginia and Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania with garage floor coatings, basement floor coatings and commercial floor coatings.