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Professional Garage Floor Coatings – Not Just Lipstick on a Pig

Don't just put lipstick (DIY paint kit) on the pig (your garage floor)!

Don't just put lipstick on a pig - get a professional garage floor coating!Driving past a condo building where new siding is being applied. Since the old siding is currently removed from many areas, issues with the underlying wood are evident.

But new siding is being placed right over the damaged wood to hide the issues – no repairs are taking place before the new siding is installed. The phrase “Lipstick on a pig” immediately comes to mind.

Just superficial or cosmetic changes - not a real solution.

The same phrase often applies to DIY garage floor paint. Sure, it looks a little better, but that big box store’s DIY coating is just cosmetic and short lived.   Most DIY solutions lack adhesion to the concrete, lack chemical & scratch resistance and lack longevity.

Professional Garage Floor Coatings Offer Much More

Professional installer applying the clear coat of polyureaProfessionally installed, commercial grade garage floor coatings offer so much more than a DIY kit.

  1. The professional surface preparation increases the mechanical bond between the coatings and the concrete. Instead of just cleaning, pressure washing, acid etching or sanding, professional coatings installers will mechanically diamond grind the floor.
  2. Surface imperfections and cracking is properly addressed before coatings are applied. Whereas most DIY kits are applied directly over the cracks and surface imperfections, leaving all visible (and often highlighting those imperfections).
  3. The first layer of coatings provides superior adhesion to the concrete surface. No hot tire pickup. No paint flakes coming into the home on the bottom of shoes.
  4. The coatings used provide excellent scratch and chemical resistance. No damage from road salts, acids, and petroleum products.  No breakdown of the concrete’s cream layer from abrasions or chalking/dusting (the formation of loose powder resulting from disintegration of surface of hardened concrete).
  5. Professional coatings deliver years of service, instead of requiring a new layer each year like most kits. The coatings typically come with long warranties (Stronghold Floors provides a limited-lifetime warranty).
  6. Garage floor coatings increase curb appeal during sale of the property.
  7. Cleaning and maintaining the commercial grade coatings is easy. Even paint or road tar can be safely removed.

Complete garage makeover

If considering a professionally installed garage floor coating and you do not know where to begin, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Garage Floor Coatings Criteria Part I: Evaluating the Current Floor Condition
  2. Garage Floor Coatings Criteria Part II: Determine the Performance Requirements
  3. Garage Floor Coatings Criteria Part III: Choosing the Desired Look
  4. Garage Floor Coatings Criteria Part IV: Selecting the Coating System

Before and After of a MD garage floorIf you read Part IV (above), please note that Metallic Epoxy is no longer recommended for garages. That system is too quick to show dirt, debris, scratches, streaks (from cleaning) and imperfections in the concrete slab.

After the Floor Coatings, What’s Next?

When your coatings installation is complete, there are numerous things you can do to make the garage a more useful room. Some of those possibilities are outlined in the following articles: