Project Profile: Auto Showroom Coatings in Valley View, PA

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Apr 29, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Small Town America in Valley View

Palmer H Reed Motors ShowroomIn February 2012, we received an inquiry via (now asking about epoxy coatings for a Ford dealership showroom in Valley View, PA.   This small town in Schuylkill County really features views of the valleys (named appropriately) and sports a main street that could have been illustrated by Norman Rockwell on a magazine cover.   The automotive dealership, Palmer H Reed Motor Sales, is a friendly business that felt welcoming the moment I walked through their door.

Our Showroom Floor needs HELP!

Auto showroom floor coatingsGreat people; great people who really needed an update to their showroom.   The following items were on their list of desired improvements:

  • Replace the tan, garage floor paint in the showroom with a decorative, commercial grade floor coating
  • Replace the grey, garage floor paint in the parts room (much of the floor paint was already worn away).
  • Replace the multiple layers of floor paint in the bathroom with a decorative coating.
  • Improve the entry at the front door, as it contained a step down, trip hazard.
  • Increase the safety for the employees walking from the showroom to the parts room’s front entry (the step up created a constant trip/slip hazard).
  • Fix the long, jagged cracks in the showroom floor and fill the wide, expansion joint in the middle of the showroom.
  • Create a designated customer “waiting area” in the showroom via differences in the floor finish.

The showroom’s tan floor was masking several additional layers of floor paint and garage floor epoxy kits.   None worked with the Ford corporate colors or added to the dealerships identity.   What’s more, the garage floor paint behind the parts & service counter was gone in the walk paths.  

Decorative Chip Coatings to the Rescue

For the showroom, we proposed removing all the existing garage floor paint, cutting & filling the cracks, filling the joints and coatings with our decorative chip floor coatings.   This system would be comprised of a base coat of 100% solids, gray epoxy with a full broadcast of our Union blend of paint chips.   The epoxy and chips were then sealed with a top coat of polyaspartic polyurethane with an aluminum oxide additive for added slip resistance and wear resistance. 

Auto showroom floor coating before and afterWe also suggested:

  1. Using a similar, but slightly different blend of chips to give dimension to the customer waiting area.
  2. Highlighting the step up from the showroom to the parts & service area’s front entry by using “safety yellow”.
  3. Using the same decorative chip blend in the bathroom as in the showroom
  4. Installing a light gray, solid color epoxy floor in the parts area to make dropped or spilled items stand out on the floor.
  5. Completing the coatings during a known, long weekend where the dealership would be cloAuto showroom floor coatingssed.
  6. Correcting the trip hazard at the front door by installing epoxy mortars to transition the main floor to the height of the front, entry door.

The team at the dealership agreed.   The owner was even more excited that we could complete our activities while they were closed for a long weekend of hunting.   The showroom coatings were scheduled for April 2012 and the parts room for June 2012.

Installing the Showroom Coatings

Auto showroom floor installation in PAOn a Friday afternoon, all existing floor paints were removed by our diamond grinders.   We cut out and epoxy filled all cracks and joints in the showroom floor.     Airborne dust was minimized with our HEPA vacuums.   The small, designated customer waiting area was coated with epoxy and a full broadcast of acrylic paint chips.

On Saturday, all joints and cracks were ground again to flush the epoxy repair materials.    Final grinding was completed on all edges using our shrouded 7” hand grinders.   Then our team applied the gray epoxy and broadcast the chip coatings until refusal on the main floor and the bathroom.

On Sunday, we removed all excess chips and applied the polyaspartic clear coat to the entire showroom floor and bathroom floor.   The entire process mimicked what our teams do each week in residential garages.

On Monday, the dealership re-opened its doors to the public and resumed normal operations.

Installing the Parts & Service Coatings

After additional showroom upgrades were completed, the owners called us back to complete the Parts & Service area coatings.  We arrive on a Friday late afternoon to get started.   It was great to see our showroom coatings now accompanied with fresh wall paints, trim paint, furniture, counters and displays.

Since the parts area has very tight aisles, our walk-behind floor grinders could only do a portion of the work.   Our 3 person team (me included), took turns running our 7” hand grinders to complete each aisle.  

Coatings went off over two days without issue.   The improvement in the reflectivity of the room’s lighting was immediately noticeable.  

Sunday provided a day for the new coatings to cure and get ready for a normal work week.  Monday kicked off as usual, with the staff coming back to a brighter, more inviting work area.

A Better View in Valley View

All around, the teams at Palmer H Reed and Stronghold Floors were pleased with the end results.   The new floor coatings really complimented the overall facelift to this central Pennsylvania automotive dealership.  

The “after” pictures shown here (and in the Project Portfolio) were taken 18 months after we completed the coatings projects.     Steve, our PA Sales Manager, was in the area to review an upcoming residential project and stopped in to take a few quick pictures.  

Thanks again to the team at Palmer H Reed Motor Sales.  

 Reed Motors PA

Mike Mincemoyer and the SF teams have assisted numerous other Maryland and Pennsylvania customers in the automotive sectors.   Below are some of those customers:

  • Racing

o   Keen Racing- racing garage floor coatings (Carlisle, PA)

o   Ed Trump/Baker Door Company Racing – race car trailer coatings (Mechanicsburg, PA)

o   Selinsgrove Ford – race car showroom coatings (Selinsgrove, PA)

  • Dealerships

o   Bob Davidson Ford – offices, bathrooms & garage coatings (Baltimore, MD)

o   Bobby Rahal Toyota & Lexus – recon and other service area polished concrete (Mechanicsburg, PA)

o   Regester Chevrolet – service garage coatings (Thompsontown, PA)

o   Deer Lake Auto Sales - service garage coatings (Orwigsburg, PA)

o   Honda of Bowie- customer service area coatings (Bowie, MD)

  • Service

o   Main Car Care – office, bathroom, customer service and service area coatings (York, PA)

o   K&W Tire – service area coatings (Lancaster, PA)

o   Browns Service Center – service area coatings (Mifflintown, PA)

o   Texaco Express Lube – service area coatings (Selinsgrove, PA)

  • Specialty

o   HP Engines – office and production coatings (Thompsontown, PA)

o   Schwalm’s Babbitted Bearings – bathroom, hallway and restoration area coatings (Lancaster, PA)

o   American Axle- entry and showroom coatings (Lancaster, PA)

  • Parts

o   NAPA – retail showroom coatings (Manheim, PA)

o   NAPA – retail showroom and shop floor coatings (Columbia, PA)

Commercial floor coatings make perfect business partners!

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