Project Profile: Customized Epoxy Coatings for sweetFrog of Carlisle

Posted by Gary Utter on Nov 7, 2013 10:00:00 AM

During the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure to work on a variety of different epoxy flooring projects, such as single family garages, commercial warehouses, food production facilities and public retail buildings. Each of these flooring jobs has its own challenges and rewards but one in particular got me fully involved from start to finish.

Creating a Sweet Blend of Decorative Chips

sweet-frogIn mid-August, Mike and I met with John & Stephanie Babinchak to look at the site of their new sweetFrog of Carlisle, PA.   sweetFrog is a growing franchise network of premium frozen yogurt stores. The Babinchaks were familiar with our company’s decorative, epoxy coatings after seeing the metallic epoxy coatings we had done at the Polar Peach in Lancaster, PA and The Frosty Llama in Dillsburg, PA (two independent frozen yogurt restaurants).   As we discussed our epoxy flooring options, we discovered that, unlike the previous independent frozen yogurt stores we had coated in the past two years, sweetFrog franchises have a very unique color scheme to their stores.

After viewing several dozen standard chip blends, I decided a custom blend chip floor would the best approach to incorporate their corporate franchise colors. To accomplish this task, I pulled in the primary BLUE, PINK and GREEN colors, which identified the sweetFrog franchise, and developed two custom chip blends. We produced two sample boards and presented them to the Babinchaks. After some slight tweaking of the pink paint chip, we produced a third custom blend and got the approval to install this blend in the entire customer area of the store.

surface-preparationAfter scheduling our install dates in late September with the general contractor, to minimize the progress of the entire project, we began our three day install of our flooring system. The first day we prepared the concrete floor by diamond grinding and repaired any existing areas which were damaged or cracked.   More work went into cleaning up the areas which were newly trenched for needed plumbing. The following day we applied our 100% solids, pigmented epoxy base coat and our custom blended vinyl chips. The final day, after scraping and removing loose chips, our coating team applied our clear, polyaspartic top coat (aluminum oxide added for additional slip resistance and wearibility).    Over the same three days, we applied a solid color, gray epoxy floor in the production/employee area. The final product was exactly what we wanted for our customer.

sweet-concrete-coatingIn early October, I was able to return to the site in its first week of serving the frozen treats. It wasn’t until then I was able to see the full impact of how well the custom chip blend incorporated all of the sweetFrog franchise items. From the yogurt machines, the topping bar, the chairs and tables, to the signage on the wall it all looked like it came in one packaged deal with our floor.   I was pleased to hear from both John and Stephanie how well the floor colors turned out and how well it matched the rest of the sweetFrog merchandise and signage.

Stronghold Floors is now in discussions to assist a new, under construction sweetFrog in Carroll County, Maryland. This franchise owner, who already has other store locations in Maryland, was at the grand opening of the Carlisle store and contacted us the very same day.

sweet-coatingGo & eat some frozen yogurt

If you’re an owner of a business or planning on opening one soon, I encourage you to check out the sweetFrog in Carlisle, PA to see the impact that a custom blend chip floor can make to your business environment. If you’re not a business owner, but want to check out a sweet floor, stop in & have some great tasting frozen yogurt and say “Hello!” to the Babinchaks at sweetFrog of Carlisle, PA.


Gary Utter is the General Manager of Stronghold Floors.   Gary started off as a garage floor customer and soon, thereafter, joined the team.   He is currently working on a project in Lemoyne, PA which features the company logo placed into the decorative chip floor that will be in the foyer.


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