Project Profile: Epoxy Coatings are (at) the Bark of the Town

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 26, 2013 9:30:00 AM

Here at Stronghold Floors, we love animals.   And we love when our coatings help make the lives of animals better.   Regardless of whether it’s improving a kennel, animal hospital/hospice or doggy day care, it’s great to see our coatings helping to make it safer and cleaner for our 4 legged friends.   Here is just our latest, completed kennel project…

Epoxy Coatings for Exterior Kennel Runs

UntitledWe just recently completed a coatings project with the Bark of the Town, where our coatings teams installed our double-broadcast decorative chip coatings in all of the exterior runs.   Tim & Lauren, the owners, built the Millerstown, Pennsylvania facilities back in 2004 and had epoxy coating installed in the interior of the boarding kennels, but had to wait to do the exterior runs.  

Last year, they reached out to solicit bids to upgrade the exterior slabs.   Lauren recalls several companies did not return her call or provide quotes.   She told Steve (one of our PA staff members) that besides responding with quotes, we were the company willing to find a solution that met their needs and their budget.   Plus, knowing we have experience with other kennels (Nittany Greyhound’s kennels, Duffy’s Bed & Biscuit, Stonehill Kennel and more) didn’t hurt either.

dogsWe worked with the owners to pick a time of year where business was lighter and would accommodate our coating one-half of the kennels during each deployment of our Mechanicsburg based crews.   Being outside runs, our only concern was potential bad weather, but Mother Nature accommodated during both sets of installations.  

To provide a UV, scratch and chemical resistant solution, we utilized our polyaspartic coatings for the mid and top layers of the coatings.   Polyaspartic coatings are the best in the industry for withstanding years of exposure to the weather and sunlight.   Tim chose a decorative chip blend that creates a warm, inviting look and didn’t hide when a dog goes potty.

kennelSteve was back several weeks after our completion to take the pictures for our project portfolios and Lauren noted that everything was working great.   The Bark of the Town staff loves how easy it is to clean up after the dogs and no more odor or stains.     And the dogs seem to enjoy the texture of the coatings surface (we added aluminum oxide to the final coating to aid with slip resistance).


Kennel Coatings in progress in Baltimore Area

Right now, we have teams working on a new 17,000 square pet facility in Hanover, Maryland.   This project kicked off on Monday with the surface grinding and repairs.   Over the next couple weeks, our Baltimore crews will coat the 5 different sections.   The bulk of the facility will feature our decorative chip floors with a special “High-Wear” surface that creates an EXTREMELY abrasion resistance surface.   The offices will feature our metallic epoxies, but still have the added protection of the High-Wear final coatings.

Jodi, the owner & operator, wanted to ensure the new facilities’ floor would hold up to repeated daily cleaning by her auto-scrubbers.   We installed 8 different test pads to determine which floor finish would work just right!

We will feature an extensive Project Profile on the Stay Pet Resort after its upcoming Grand Opening.   Stay tuned and please support animal rescue by adopting a furry friend into your home.

dogplayMike Mincemoyer, along with his wife Kim, is active in animal adoption.   They work with several greyhound adoption groups and also an all-breed canine rescue in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.   They currently share their life & home with ex-racing greyhounds - Sophie (12 year old), Maggie (13 years old), Tyler (12 years old), Ray (8 years old) and Bea Bea (5 years old).  





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