Project Profile: Prince George’s County Garage Coatings Install

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Apr 22, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Before Garage Coatings InstallationWe recently installed a decorative chip, garage floor coating in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.   This private residence in Prince George’s county had a floor that was in desperate need of help.

So, let’s use a Before & After approach to show the depth of the transformation that took place.

The Before Coatings Picture

Before Garage Coatings InstallationSometimes, the picture says it all.   But in case it doesn’t convey well at this size, this before picture (right) shows the following issues with the floor:

1)     Recent oil stains from a car

2)     Etched concrete from a concrete cleaner

3)     Rough surface due to poor trowel work

Overall, the floor was heavily stained, difficult to clean and lowering the value of the home.

The After Coatings Pictures

After Stronghold Garage CoatingsStronghold Floors to the rescue.   Dave, our Maryland Sales Manager, worked with the homeowners to choose a decorative chip floor coating that complimented the existing paneling, wood base trim and the exterior colors.   This floor was completed in our Cumberland ¼” chip blend.

The Install Process

One of our Baltimore based crews ground the concrete with our HTC planetary grinders until most of the floor was white once more.    Heavily stained areas were tested to see whether water would absorb or bead up.   Areas that still beaded water were ground more.  

Luckily, most of the oil was lying on the surface and had not penetrated into the pores of the concrete.   Had the oil penetrated deeper, those areas would have been cross-cut and filled with an aqueous (water like) hybrid polymer repair materials that will deeply penetrate the concrete surface and lock itself into the cross-cuts.

After Stronghold Garage CoatingsOn day 1, after preparing the surface and filling in cracks and divots with epoxy repair pastes, the floor was coated with a tan-base, self-priming epoxy and decorative chips were broadcast until refusal.

On day 2, the crew scraped and cleaned up all loose chips.   Then a thick coat of clear polyaspartic was applied with our standard amount of aluminum oxide added for added slip resistance and enhanced wear ability.

Even with the snow (seen in the picture on the left), our crews completed the coatings without issue.    The homeowners were able to walk on the coatings the following day and return to full use within 48 hours.

These coatings carry a limited lifetime warranty and will make cleaning the surface a breeze. In addition, future drips of oil will easily wipe up with just a paper towel.     Maintaining the coatings is mostly sweeping off debris and stones. Occasional mopping will help keep the high sheen of the garage floor coatings.

Best of all, these coatings will make the garage more appealing to the homeowners, visitors and future home buyers.

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The Stronghold Floors teams (Baltimore, Maryland and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania) have assisted over 4,500 homeowners with garage floor coatings.   These homeowners are located throughout greater Maryland, central & southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Virginia and Washington DC.   The garages we have coated span the gamut from brand new construction to almost 100 years old; from excellent condition to cracked into a jigsaw puzzle.

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