Project Profile: Queensgate Beer Barn’s Epoxy Floor

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Aug 1, 2014 11:45:00 AM

Queensgate Beer Barn's Epoxy Floor

I’ll apologize ahead of this article for all the plays on beer slogans.   I just couldn’t help it. :)

Less Costly, Looks Great!

Last year, I received a call from a garage customer.   His beverage sales company was moving. The Mount Rose Beer & Soda Mart was relocating to become the Queensgate Beer Barn at the Queensgate Towne Center in York, Pennsylvania.

To say this new location’s floor was in rough shape is an understatement.   The floor was a combination of tile, glues, patches, new pours and holes from conduits.  Some parts of the floor already had been prepared by mechanical diamond grinding, but the final concrete surface profile was not yet achieved.

Queensgate Beer Barn Before Epoxy FlooringEven though we had coated his 4,500 square foot, car collection garage, he still had questions. Could we coat the floor in its current state?  Would our coatings make a good fit for the retail location?  Would the coatings be cost effective?

While the floor looked bad, it wasn’t even in our top 10 worst floors.   The decorative chip coatings we recommended (and later installed) are common in showrooms and retail stores.   The pricing was right in their budget (the customer even decided to have us coat the storage warehouse areas in our solid color coatings.

For all you do, this Coating is for you.

The Beer Barn’ coatings color was chosen to work with the rough, barn planks used on the walls.  Overall, the final look was exactly what the name says – except it’s the cleanest barn you will ever walk through. 

Queensgate Beer Barn's After PictureOur crews spent 2 days preparing the concrete, patching holes and filling the cracks with epoxy pastes.  On day 3, the 5500+ square feet of retail area was base coated with 100% solids, gray epoxy and broadcast until refusal with a ¼” decorative chip blend.   The warehouse received its first layer of pigmented epoxy.   On day 4, the crews removed the excess chips and applied polyaspartic urethane to the retail area.   The warehouse received its top coat of pigmented epoxy.   Aluminum oxide was added to all areas to assist with wear protection and increase traction.

The King of Coatings

The general manager, Tiffany sent us an email over a year later.   While she didn’t call us “The Champagne of Polymers”, she did say:

3 top features? Very easy to clean, appealing floor for a beverage distributor and can be for any type of retail store because you have the option of matching up your colored flakes in your floor to match color theme of your store, and it’s easy to fix; if a chunk of the floor gets chipped by any chance, it is easy to repair and hard to tell it was repaired.”

Queensgate Beer Barn's Floor CoatingHer email went on to express:  When you say Stronghold, you’ve said it all.   She writes:

“Biggest reason to recommend Stronghold Floors? The floor definitely holds to the name of the company.  After having this floor for a year now and the traffic of all the customers and the skids of beer that get pushed around on it daily, you cannot tell this floor is a year old already!!”

It doesn’t get any better than this.   Tiffany ends with: 

“Since we opened a year ago we have had many, many compliments from customers about the beautiful flooring we have. Most beer distributors are warehouses, so the floor is not usually appealing to the eye, but our customers love our store from the floor to the ceiling!! Customers have inquired about who installed our floor and we have passed on the information of [Stronghold Floors] to the customer.”

We certainly appreciated all the feedback and appreciate allowing us to take and post the included pictures.  More pictures are available on this project’s Portfolio page.

If you’ve got the Time, we’ve got the Coatings.

If you need a coating for your showroom, retail store or residential garage, give us a call.   There are many different types of polymer coatings and we will work with you to specify the proper coating system for your project.

Stronghold Floors has assisted hundreds of businesses in Maryland and Pennsylvania.   They have also assisted other beverage distributors with warehouse, break room and hallway coatings.

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