Project Spotlight:  AllShine Detailing in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 9, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Several years ago, we were contacted by Ken, who owns and operates All Shine Detailing in Hummelstown.  He wanted coatings for his garage, which is the operational center of his business.   Unlike most residential homeowners, Ken did not want our decorative chip floor coatings.  He needed a floor that didn’t hide what was on it.   He needed a solid color coating that would hold up, look good and make detailing easier.

We installed a multiple layer, epoxy & polyurethane coating in a medium gray color.   Afterwards, we followed each other’s business on social media.  One day, I got thinking about Ken’s business and checked out his website (which had grown over the years).   I decided to reach out to him to learn more about his business.

1)      What are the different types of services offered by All Shine Detailing?

I specialize in paint correction (scratch and swirl removal), Ceramic Pro installation (coatings for both interior and exterior), paint protection film (also known as clear bra) and expert headlight restoration.  

2)      What is the most common service you provide?

The most common service people request is a single step paint polish and protection as well as a good interior cleaning.

3)      Does a person have to have an expensive or rare car to use a detailing service?

No, of course not. You do not need to have an expensive vehicle to utilize detailing services.  For many people, their vehicle is typically the second most expensive purchase they will make.  To preserve the vehicle's appearance and value, detailing services are an excellent idea. Not only will a good detailing service keep your vehicle clean and shining, it will also keep your residual value up. While I do work on Maserati, Porsche, BMW and other higher end vehicles and sports cars, I also work on daily driven vehicles like "mom's soccer taxi".

4)      How should a person go about picking a professional auto detailing service?

The first thing I would suggest is to do your research.  Look online at reviews, look at their Facebook page if they have one, and ask around with your friends and neighbors.  Don't look just at the price of the service.  The detailer that is offering the $99 "full" detail may not be the best option for your vehicle.  They may be using incorrect procedures to clean your vehicle and may cause more harm than good.  A true professional detailer will ask questions about the vehicle to get an understanding of the condition it may be in.  They will also discuss what your expectations are.  Getting a vehicle detailed may mean just getting your car cleaned to one person and a top-to-bottom show preparation to another person.

5)      What is the craziest vehicle you have detailed?

I would have to say a mid-80's International 9600 big rig cab.  The owner of this vehicle modified the cab of this rig to look like a race truck.  He brought it in for a spring cleaning and what I'll call a "wash n wax".  It took nearly 6 hours just to wash and apply a polymer based protectant to the paint of this "truck".  I have a video on YouTube (below) just to show people how extreme this truck was.  It still runs around the Harrisburg area on the weekends as his "toy".  It was a great experience!

6)      What are the typical prices ranges for these types of services?

There is a wide range of prices for what I offer.  They could from $125 to well over a few thousand depending on what is requested.  For customers that want the ultimate in protection and appearance for their vehicle, that would include a full wash, paint decontamination, multiple stages of polishing, interior cleaning, Ceramic Pro paint coatings, glass coatings and interior coatings as well as the application of Suntek ppf on the front clip of the vehicle.  Those type of services are multiple day jobs.

7)      Does your company offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! For any occasion.  

8)      Is there anything else you want to share about All Shine Detailing?

All Shine Detailing has been in business for over 3 years providing specialized detailing and coating services to the Central PA area.  I strive to provide the best customer experience for every person that brings their vehicle to me no matter if it is a Honda Civic or a Maserati Ghibli.  I work on every vehicle like it is a family member.  

If anyone would like to see my work, they can find me on Facebook (allshinedetailing), Instagram (@allshinedetail) and of course Youtube (/Allshinedetailing).  Anyone is free to email me as well for vehicle care advice or questions at

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