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Removing road tar from Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings & Customer Feedback


epoxy-floor-paint-with-road-tar-2-1024x576.jpgI recently received a call from a distressed customer. Diana was in a panic. Some new asphalt was installed close to her home in State College, PA and upon returning home, she realized that the “fresh road tar was stuck to her garage floor paint”.  

She was relieved to here that the situation was most likely just temporary.    We utilize polyaspartic polyurethane and polyurea coatings in our garage floor solutions.   These resinous coatings provide extremely high abrasion and chemical resistance. Most chemicals have a tough time permanently adhering to our garage floor coatings.

Historically, road tar, driveway sealers and various other petroleum based products can be removed when in smaller concentrations – but often require use of solvents and chemicals that homeowners are uncomfortable using.  We recommend that our customers contact us to determine the best course of action when regular cleaning is not sufficient.

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Removing the Tar from the Epoxy Floor Coatings

I scheduled a time to visit and assist with removing the road tar and ensure no permanent damage had occurred.  On the day of the visit, I packed upon various solvents and cleaning items, including some Goof Off Pro Strength Remover (which should not be used without guidance from our staff).   I arrived to a floor that was in glossy and damage free, except for the four tire marks.  The garage pictures show how evident the road tar was on top of the epoxy coatings.


The tar was stuck on the coatings and required some small, targeted applications of the Goof Off and some very careful scraping with a knife.  Ultimately, I was able to remove it all – as can be seen in this final picture.


On a note from Diana:

Thank you Steve for your help on Sept 16 J U Made my day!

Customer Feedback on Stronghold Floors

These particular homeowners sent us some substantial feedback using a survey form.  We received the completed survey about a week after the service visit, which we wanted to share:

What lead you to contact Stronghold Floors?

Our friends saw a floor that was done by Stronghold Floors & told us about the company who did the job.

What are the top three features you love about your garage floor coating?

  • The durability
  • The look
  • The easy care

What specific problems did your garage floor coating solve?

  • Cracks [we filled the cracks with epoxy crack fillers]
  • Dragging constant dirt/dust into the house
  • Constantly trying to keep the concrete clean
  • The ugly look of the floor

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Stronghold Floors?

The quality & look of the floor – love the color.  The employees – starting with Steve G. & the (2) hardworking, nice men who put our floor in the garage & a piece by the back door.   They were all personable & professional.

Any other comments about your experience with Stronghold Floors and our floor coatings?

Another “BIG” reason I would recommend Stronghold is the unconditional support long after the purchase. They truly care about their customers. We know we can call Steve anytime with questions/for help.

Employees make a company a success & Stronghold Floors has great people on their team. Plus they have a good product. 

Steve Galeone is the General Manager and Sales Manager for Stronghold Floors.