SF News: We now feature Epoxy Coatings from ROCK-TRED

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 8, 2013 5:31:00 PM

rocktredHere at Stronghold Floors, we are proud to announce the use of epoxy and other polymer coatings solutions from ROCK-TRED.     ROCK-TRED features an extensive line of polymer solutions for floor and wall coatings, joint sealants and patching compounds.   They have been producing flooring products since 1939 and since 2011 have rocked the coatings space with many innovative new products.

I want to highlight two VERY important ROCK-TRED products that we now install:

  • ROCK-BLOCK:   a 100% solids epoxy moisture vapor barrier coating which is independently certified by CTL Laboratories as a Class 1 Vapor Barrier; this allows us to install nearly all of our floor coatings on many concrete slabs which present with moisture transmission issues
  • RT SPORTSMAT:   A 4 to 9mm thick, porous rubber underlayment which allows us to install nearly all of our floor coatings over concrete and wood floors to create a flooring system that is sound attenuating and has impact resistant & anti-fatigue springy feeling.

rocktred2The ROCK-BLOCK will assist us with many types of projects, such as moisture vapor-troubled basement and commercial slabs-on-grade.   Our own PA facility has a portion of its warehouse floor that has very high moisture vapor transmission (so much so that previous coatings developed osmotic blisters which tore off parts of the concrete surface).   With the ROCK-BLOCK product, we can now recoat those troubled slab-on-grade areas.

The RT SPORTSMAT will allow us to feature our more decorative coating systems in gyms, sports locker rooms, basements and other areas where a softer feeling & highly impact resistant flooring system is desirable.

ROCK-TRED features many products that are LOW or NO VOCs and most have no or minimal odors.

Watch for our website’s coating system pages to expand in the near future to include more about the additional ROCK-TRED coating systems we now feature.


Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors and one member of the ownership team.   Mike has been actively involved since the beginning in 2004.   His formal floor coatings background includes training & experience with flooring systems from PremierGarage, ROCK-TRED, National Polymers, Crown Polymers, HTC America, SIKA, AmeriPolish, SASE, Metzger McGuire, L&M Chemical Company and FGS/Permashine.  


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