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Special Spaces: Man Cave highlights Antique Tractors over Epoxy Coatings

Over the Memorial Day weekend, many people start to tackle their Spring & Summer projects.   To help those looking for inspirations, we are kicking off our “Special Spaces” series of blog articles by featuring a “man cave” located near State College, Pennsylvania.

Epoxy coatings tractorThe owner, Dave, sent us a group of pictures and some great feedback. Then he let us know he has sold the property and intends to relocate just down the road.   He also forewarned us to expect another barn style, man cave in the near future.

Steve Galeone, our PA Sales Manager, worked with the homeowner to assist in the setup of his special space.   The following interview provides more details and insights into this project.  

The “Man Cave” Interview

Mike:  Tell us about how this project came about?

Steve:  Back in October 2013, Dave contacted us through our website.  Dave is a full time farmer, harvesting mainly wheat, soybeans, hay and straw.   He is a kind, down to earth person who had his mind set on creating his man cave.

Before and after garage coatingsHe had downloaded our Consumers Guide to Garage Floor Coatings and wanted to discuss the options for his new detached garage.   He explained it was new construction and we reviewed the requirements for coating newly placed concrete.   He had considered installing a Do-It-Yourself epoxy paint kit, but really wanted a professional company to ensure his project turned out just right.

Mike:  Had Dave seen our coatings at another customer site or Parade of Homes?

Steve: No.  He saw our website and took a look at our project portfolios. Dave said he was very impressed with our work.

Mike:  We often find that homeowners are dealing with some issue or pain before getting our floor coatings. Was this the case for Dave?

Steve:   No.   Since he had newly placed concrete that was properly installed, there really wasn’t any existing issue.  Dave wanted a nice floor finish to complete his envisioned man cave.   He collects antique tractors and has many metal signs that he likes to display.   This gentleman is the real deal like you see on T.V.   He has collected hundreds of metal signs and other items.  He has a fair amount of Coca-Cola items as well.

Mike:  What would you say were the top 3 features Dave wanted from our floor coatings?

Steve: First and foremost was the decorative appearance of our chip floors.   Dave chose our Adams blend which provides a high contrast in a monochromatic color scheme. It allows all the other colors in the room to play off the floor and highlight his collectables.

He also wanted a floor that was very durable, since he would be driving the tractors over the coatings and it had to tolerate drips of oil, grease and gasoline.    Lastly, he wanted a finish that was easy to clean.   Putting a lot of time into cleaning the floor was not how he wanted to hang out in his man cave.

Mike:  How did the installation take place?

Steve:   We actually installed the coatings in late November.   One of our crews travelled from Mechanicsburg to his farm in Centre County.   Day one went off without a hitch.  The guys ground open the new concrete and applied the epoxy basecoat and chips.   Day two was a little more interesting because of some of our Polar Vortex weather.   The guys got started first thing and applied the clear, polyaspartic urethane topcoat.    Due to the heavy snow coming down, Dave offered to put our crew up for the night.   But, since we completed before it really started to accumulate, the crews were able to safely travel back to Mechanicsburg.

Mike:   So Dave sold the farm already?

Steve: Yes.  He said he got that offer that you just cannot refuse, so he is moving just down the road and planning to build his next man cave.   I spoke with Dave at the PA Home Show. He said he is truly impressed with our products and workmanship, so expect a call to do another project soon.

Mike: Something to look forward to.   We will have to cover that project as well.    Thanks for your time, Steve. Thanks to Dave for allowing us to feature his unique man cave in this article.


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Do you have a Special Spaces Project?

Happy memorial day from Stronghold FloorsIf you have a special space that you wish to discuss with us, call us at any of our numbers.   We are here to help.


 Steve Galeone is the PA Sales Manager and previously served as the PA Operations Manager.   Mike Mincemoyer is the President and Business Development Manager of Stronghold Floors.

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