The 4 Legged Ambassadors of Stronghold Floors

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Jun 6, 2014 9:30:00 AM

4 Legged Ambassadors of Stronghold FloorsWith thousands of customers, we cannot place a value on our customers.   They really do speak for us.   But it’s our 4 legged friends who this article is about. It’s our team’s special relationship with “man’s best friend” and other furry buddies.

Our Teams Four Legged Family Members

We love animals; especially dogs.   Our team has many furry friends in their families.

Stronghold Floors GM Gary Utter

Steve (our PA Sales MGR) and his family just took a new Catahoula Leopard/Lab mix into their home less than a week ago.   She follows on Rusty, who enriched their lives for almost 14 years.  

Gary (our GM) and his family recently adopted a dog through the Canine Rescue of Central Pennsylvania.   Allie is now living it up with her forever family.   While she was requested by the youngest daughter, I believe she now holds a special place in Gary’s heart (go head Gary, admit it!).

Kim (our comptroller and my wife) and I currently have 5 ex-racing greyhounds lounging around.   Maggie is 14 years old and Tyler is 13.  Sophie, also 13, joined the household right before we opened their business in 2004.   Our young ones, Ray (8) and Bea Bea (6), rip about the back yard ensuring I will never have the yard I aspire too.  But, it’s all worth it.

4legged3Even on our coatings projects, our installation teams really enjoy when we coat an animal facility – whether an adoption or boarding kennel, animal hospice/hospital or high end, dog hotel/resort.   A car will never enjoy our coatings the way a playful dog will.  For example, at Stay Pet Resort, we’ve watched dozens of dogs run around in the sectional day care area, romping along on coatings we specifically constructed to give them traction without hurting their pads.  The owner, Jodi, has created a unique, state of the art facility to care for and pamper even the most spoiled canines.

It’s not just canines; cats too.   In 2006 and 2008, we assisted the Best Little Cat House in Pennsylvania, a feline hospice outside of Harrisburg, with coatings in rooms that help care for feral cats and those living with feline aids and feline leukemia.    Lynn and her group are truly saints, providing care to cats that really need it the most.  

4legged4Some of our projects touch close to home.   In 2011, we assisted High Associates with a fit-out of a space in the Rossmoyne business park which became the Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center.   Since project completion, the caring staff is credited with saving our Sophie from several flare ups of ehrlichia (a tick-born, blood disease) and eased the passing of my special friend, Gage.  

4legged5Many years ago, we coated and fit-out the Nittany Greyhounds facility (this work was donated as part of our ongoing support for this greyhound adoption group) and later we coated their office.   Since 2004, we have opened our home to several permanent family members (Cinderella, Gage and Ray) and too many fosters to name.  

Why this blog?   I guess because we (Kim, Ray, Bea Bea and Maggie) are sitting out on the back porch (ok, coated with our quartz coatings) and enjoying a beautiful evening.   An evening made special by the company I keep.   And at large, our company is made better by the 4 legged friends we keep.


Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors. He and Kim became part of the greyhound community in 2004, when Sophie joined them (and Casey, a Cocker Spaniel and Sasha, a hound mix).   They are proud to support and work with Nittany Greyhounds, Keystone Greyhounds, God’s Greyts, Greyhound Angels and many other groups.   They participate in several greyt events – Greyhounds In Gettysburg, Grapehounds New York & Virginia and Mountain Hounds.

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