The Epoxy Prince of Bel Air & His Garage Coatings

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Nov 20, 2014 9:45:00 AM

Baltimore epoxy garage floor coatings

Dave is our Maryland Sales Manager and one member of the ownership team. Like me, he purchased a PremierGarage franchise back in 2004 and operated it in greater Maryland until 2012. Upon leaving the franchise network, he and his team joined Stronghold Floors became our Baltimore location, servicing greater Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Not long ago, Dave and I had a meeting at his home in Bel Air. I had my new digital camera along and took some pictures of his garage (note: we did not clean up the leaves or mop).  As we got talking about his garage coatings, I realized that parts of conversation should be shared.

When did you coat your garage floor?

It was sometime in February, 2005. I remember it was incredible cold, around 16 degrees.  We were nervous about pushing the hybrid polymer coatings so far below the recommended 32 degrees or better level.   But it worked without issue.

Since it was so cold, how long did it take to cure?

Still only took about 48 hours for the garage floor to return to full service.  The polyaspartics we used then seemed to able to cure overnight no matter how cold the temperatures.  I did wait for 2 days before pulling our cars back into the garage. 

Who picked the color? Why that color?

I picked the blend. It’s what we call our York blend now.  Even then it was and still is our most popular color for garage floors that get the decorative chip.  My wife and I liked it because it hides dirt better than most other color blends.

What have you done to maintain the garage floor?

I damp mop it 4 to 5 times a year with a water & ammonia mix.  Same as I recommend to my customers.

Would you change anything if you had the floor coatings installed now?

Nope.  We still love it and it’s the right color for our situation.

Are any of the installers who coated your garage still in the company? 

Yes, both of the guys are still with us.  One heads up our Maryland operations and the other is one of our garage experts.

Have some of your neighbors also had their garages coated?

I would say it’s more than “some” at this point. We have over 60 garage floor customers just in Bel Air proper. Include the local area and that number jumps quickly to over 100.

One of my closer neighbors, who got his floor done somewhere around 2009, recently decided to get into the garage business as well – although his company mainly installs the organizational systems.  

Would you mind if we called you the Epoxy Prince of Bel Air?

Yes, I would mind.  Let’s stick with Dave.   {FYI: Dave looks nothing like Will Smith.}

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More pictures of Dave’s garage are available in this Facebook Album.

Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors. He founded Stronghold Floors after leaving the PremierGarage franchise network.

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