Throwback Thursday: Our 2004 Garage Enhancement Press Release

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Mar 27, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Epoxy coatings at Corvettes at CarlisleI’m doing some spring cleaning in my office. Found some pictures of our first shows where we exhibited at Carlisle Event’s Corvettes at Carlisle car show.  

As I was going through some old files in my office, I came upon this press release I wrote almost 10 years ago. While we are no longer a franchise, nor do we do garage cabinetry and garage organization, I still thought it interesting to see what I wrote nearly 10 years ago sitting at the same desk.

Our First Press Release as a Garage Makeover Company


Here goes…

PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania

Introduces One-Stop Garage Enhancement

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania  

Led by the husband and wife team of Mike and Kim Mincemoyer, PremierGarage is delivering a one-stop solution for the "the ultimate garage" to residents of central Pennsylvania.  Headquartered in Dillsburg, PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania serves Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading and York as well as surrounding rural areas.  Supported by an industry-leading national corporation, the company specializes in providing and installing garage cabinetry, floor coatings, and organizers that are designed for unrivaled quality, durability and lasting beauty.

Mike explains the appeal of a PremierGarage dealership as a family business by citing the corporate commitment to quality and service.  "Like many people we know, our garage is literally the front door we use every day," he says. "Families wish to use their garage for storage and parking, so garage organization becomes a real challenge. Kim and I both saw this often overlooked room as a space that should offer the same beauty and utility as the rest of the home.  And with the PremierGarage reputation for state-of-the-art products and peerless installation, we are able to offer the industry's best with the added value of custom designs and one-stop convenience." PremierGarage comes to the customer, bringing computer-aided drawing capability for immediate 3-D viewing of potential plans and on-site quotations.

At the heart of the PremierGarage system is the PremierOne floor coating system.  “The benefit of installing a floor coating is that it’s a complete makeover. If there are cracks or imperfections in the concrete floor, the coatings – especially the simulated granite – will cover them,” Mike says.  “It changes the cold look of concrete to a warmer looking, easy to clean surface that is basically impervious to the chemicals typically found in a residential garage – gasoline, oil and grease.  We have homeowners who now use the garage for picnics, gaming and other events normally associated with other rooms in the home.”  The coating, applied in one or two days and ready to drive on within 48 hours, is available in simulated granite and solid colors. The simulated granite provides a terrazzo effect.

Once the floor is in place, PremierGarage turns their attention to cabinetry and organizers.  “We wall mount all of our cabinetry, providing clearance underneath, making it easier to clean and keeping moisture away. The heavy-duty cabinets are part of a modular system, so cost is often considerably lower than custom cabinetmakers and other specialty organizer companies.  With complimentary workbench tops and a full line of all-steel organizer products, PremierGarage has solutions to fit both large and small garages.”

                  Kim and Mike have also found many homeowners are interested in placing PremierGarage products into the basement. “Many area homes experience issues with water in the basement.” says Kim.  “With our wall mounted cabinetry – which we can mount also on poured concrete walls – we alleviate the damage caused by intermittent water on the basement floor.”

Members of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg and Building Industry Associate of Lancaster County, Mike and Kim are excited about serving builders, remodelers and designers as well as current homeowners. In Mike’s words, "We offer full-package programs that create another source of revenue for homebuilders and developers while they increase home value — all without any extra work or worry. PremierGarage attends to every detail. New-home buyers who want to design their ultimate garage can often roll those upgrades right into their mortgages."

                  For more information about the full line of PremierGarage products and services, contact PremierGarage of Central Pennsylvania directly or visit the corporate Web site.

10 Years Later

PremierGarage at car showsMany things have changed since I wrote the article above.   We have 5x the staff.   We have locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland.    We actively work with 4 organization companies, over 40 builders and have over 5000 customers.  

I wonder what I’ll be thinking 10 years from now looking back upon these blogs and pictures?


Mike Mincemoyer is the President of Stronghold Floors and one member of the ownership team.   Mike has been actively involved since the beginning in 2004.   The pictures of the car show was a joint venture, where PremierGarage of Maryland, Central Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Richmond, the Brandywine and Pittsburg all exhibited together.

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