What makes the best Garage Floor Coating?

Posted by Mike Mincemoyer on Oct 29, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Best garage floor coatings in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Now that is a loaded question.  Too often chemical companies make claims that their products or systems are the best garage floor coating.   But, it’s not that simple.

The real answer is “It depends”.  Does your floor need a lot of repair?   Was the concrete surface prepared with a mechanical diamond grinder or shot-blaster?   Did you want a decorative chip or solid color finish?  Thinking about Metallic Epoxy?

Our “Best Garage Floor Coating” Recommendation

Here at Stronghold Floors, most of the garages we coat receive an epoxy basecoat, full broadcast of decorative chips and a topcoat of polyaspartic urethane.   We believe this often makes the best garage floor coating for the following reasons:

  1. Regardless of vendor claims, our experience (over a decade of operations and more than 5,000 garages) has been that an epoxy still makes the best “binder”. Our epoxies do not flash quickly (like most polyaspartic and some polyurea), so they have time to really soak into the pores and scratches created during the surface grinding.
  2. While metallic epoxy pigments create unique, one-of-a-kind floors, they (just like solid color floors) really show dirt, smudges, scratches, water spots, spill residue and waviness in the concrete surface itself. Larger decorative chip blends or hybrid blends do a much better job hiding all the aforementioned issues.
  3. Stronghold Floors installs the best garage floor coatings!The polyaspartic coatings available today may be difficult to install. But done correctly, they aesthetics, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and overall durability make them ideal for a garage. Granted, they have a very high sheen, but once they have been cleaned numerous times, the high shine is reduced by cleaner residue and minerals from the water.
  4. This type of system is thick enough to allow a new topcoat to be applied in the future. Many of the 1-day installed floor coatings use very thin clear coats over the chips. There is not enough build to allow the old clear coats to be mechanically abraded for a new clear coat to properly bond.
  5. This type of garage floor coating offers the best option when fixing damage to a floor. While the repair may still be slightly visible, it will be far less than other types of coatings we mentioned in item #2.

Don't Get Fooled By the Epoxy Paint Kit Claims

If you are chosing to Do It Yourself instead of using a professional coatings company like us, be aware of crazy claims made by many of the DIY kits sold in big box and paint supply stores.

  1. "You don't need to do any special preparation to the concrete, just apply the epoxy paint." - What a load of garbage.  There is a reason that professional coatings companys always prepare the concrete, it's what allows the coatins to properly bond.  Even if you are not planning to drive on the coatings, don't be surprised if that kit from a big box store doesn't hold up.  
  2. "Guaranteed not to peel up under hot tires." - Funny how the manufacturer or seller of that kit is making a statement they cannot begin to back up.  Since they are not in control of the surface preparation, material temperature, floor temperature, product mixing or product application, there is NO way for them to gurantee anything.   

Are there any good DIY kits out there?  Sure. But, again, ensure you properly prepare the surface and follow the mixing/application instructions.   

Epoxy makes the best garage floor coatings.

Either way...

If coating a daily use garage, we recommend the same thing we have in our garages – a decorative chip floor.   I’m sure that when one of us finally has a “man cave” or car collection garage – we too will consider the other alternatives.

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Mike Mincemoyer is the President & Founder of Stronghold Floors.  He has worked with dozens of vendors and chemical systems.   While still a franchise owner (prior to 2011), he headed the Franchise Advisory Board for the Flooring Systems and advised the franchisors management with regards to chemical systems, vendors and application techniques.  

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