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When Garage Floor Coatings Require Serious Storage Solutions

SteelSafe Storage Solutions at a home show.

Garage Floor Coatings at the PA Home ShowAfter talking with a few booth visitors today about garage floor coatings, I walked around the 2017 Pennsylvania Home Show today. I am always curious to see what new companies are presenting. Today, I found something new some of our customers would probably enjoy - temporary storage via a steel shipping container.

Granted, most of the garages we coat with our decorative chip, epoxy floor coatings don’t have a lot of contents, but there are always a few that are stuffed to the max. While those projects may require some permanent clean-out (see Garage Makeovers: The Clean Out Before the Renovation), most of the contents are keepers. Getting those contents out of the garage for the epoxy floor coatings can pose an issue. That’s where SteelSafe Storage Solutions comes to the rescue. 

I had a chance to chat with the owner. Joe explained that they rent and sell steel, “cargo ready” shipping containers in various sizes. Their containers come in 20 foot and 40 foot configurations (8’ wide by 8’ 6” tall). They even have a JUMBO size container (40’ long x 8’ wide x 9’ 6” tall).

SteelSafe Storage Solutions at a home show. These containers can be used during a garage floor coatings project to store items.

Besides helping out our floor coatings customers who are remodeling their garage or basement, these portable storage units can provide seasonal or permanent storage for campers, hunters, anglers, and farmers. They provide lockable, secure storage for ATVs, kayaks/canoes, grills, tree stands, etc. Items inside stay dry and rodent free – something that cannot be said for a wooden shed.

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Businesses can store additional inventory for the busy season or for special sales events. For our commercial customers, they can provide extra storage while getting epoxy coatings in their showrooms, warehouses, retail floors, and offices.

Homebuilders and remodelers can also benefit from steel storage containers too. They can prevent theft of building materials and tools without the hassle of carting everything off site or pulling job trailers every day.

SteelSafe Storage Solutions has an even larger service area than we do – servicing PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY and VA. Visit them at or call them at (717) 435-6200.

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Mike Mincemoyer is the President/Founder of Stronghold Floors Mike has been actively involved since beginning his business in 2004.